80-20 Rule (Pareto principle)


Basically a management terminology rather principle which dictates that 80 percent of the effects are due to the 20% causes. It is a common theory sometimes used to zero in on the root cause for deficits, income, profit, losses etc.

Now coming out of the management perspective and trying to match it with life and try to drill down the root causes of x y z problems or happiness of our lives. Sounds crazy but not really though, so here is how to do it, first decide on what do you wanna apply this principle on whether to find the root cause of happiness or sadness, success or failure. The nest step is simple list out the major component of that particular main subject, example lets say we are working on happiness so list out the top say 3 reasons for your happiness, next use the 5 why principle on those 3 reasons I.e is on each of the 3 reasons drill down the cause of the those individually. Example drinking makes you happy so ask the why..? why drinking makes you happy ?, lets say the answer is cause it refreshes you..? ask the next why it refreshes so drill down on the core reason or the last  answer to the why. that will be the root cause. Then depending on the emotion that you are applying the principle whether a counter measure needs to be applied or not is to be judged. Below pic may give an idea.


So  simple management principle applied to daily life.. voila problem solved.

Again this is a new segment in my blog which will help me in my work as well as educating the crowd about some of the things we use in our jobs to relate to life and may be find some use out of it. Hey end of the day you get to learn new things and if applicable  use it properly find some gains as well.

Cheers to life



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