No, more ….


“I do not need anything from you” so she told

as she walked away crushing everything under her feet.

And after many springs went away,

“I just need one thing, please” she asked

as he was trying to gather everything she  had crushed.


His eyes glittered with hope thinking may be

she realized her mistake and would at least say sorry

but all she wanted was to save her heaven

there was no resentment, no guilt nor shame

she bluntly just requested as if nothing happened

saying do not tell the world you knew me or we were together

she wanted him to unknow the known,

he smiled and said yes to her

for he wanted her happy even at the price of his

happiness, his self respect even his

sanity. But it didnt matter to her

for she had created a monster

whom only she could control

she forgot that sometimes even

the monster makes peace within himself

for he also needs his peace.

It was like the old days where she dictated his choice

the difference was back then he loved doing it

now he just does it for he is compelled to his words

which he once promised.

His sanity was not her concern, her reputation was her concern.

Her mistake was shown as his mistake to the world

and when she realized the world is round

she had already created a sainthood for herself

and a living hell for him.

And when both the world almost came close to collide

she comes and says to burn a little more by

keeping the truth hidden.

The truth would destroy her world which she built

on lies and fakeness knowing that

he will never destroy it even if it destroys him.

Such was her trust on him that

she ripped him apart in every aspect

and when he was healing from the wounds

she comes again asking for a favour

and he says ok. For his world was already destroyed

and for he thought atleast let her world

shine at the cost of his.

Funny is the world

it mocks the pain of others and gets pleasure

and yet when they under fire they do come down and

ask can you shed few more to save me..?

Instead of sayin no more..!!!  he said “no, you need more”

as he gave her his last drop of himself which he had kept to himself.



cheers to life

known unknown….


A journey….

State of Mind – This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo.

The challenge for this week being to converge two worlds into one seems a bit of a challenge as most of the time words, pictures are just a sneak peak into a emotion; for what we feel can only be felt not expressed nor quantified in anyway.

Anyways moving on, the above two pics were taken a couple of months back as i was travelling back to my room from a interview in the evening. The bottom one was during a recent fishing trip all at Dubai.

The first two pic were depicts the mind and the rate at which thoughts are being processed at every moment at a greater speed than the amount of time I spend talking. The bottom one specifies the urge to escape it all and go into a place where nothing bothers the mind a place that i myself am not sure where it exists. A place of calmness, peace and harmony with oneself. A escape route from all the hustle of the mind, of the people an escape from self, which even though is not possible, for how can one escape from himself.

So this is the two world converging into one and being depicted in just 3 simple pics.

A mind filled with thoughts,

a hand which cannot keep up with it

to jot it all down in a paper.

Looking for a place inside me

trying to wash out the foot marks

of those who walked in by invite and

left without a good bye.

Searching for a place where the

silence makes more sense.

A place where there is eternal bliss

where the mind can run free and wild

without looking behind on the trails,

a place where there is no worry

bout tomorrow.

A place where loneliness makes more sense.

A place i can call home and truly be there in the now.

Where there are no known and unknown

a place where there is no identity and there are just fellow

travelers who just make the journey colorful

even though the black and white episodes of life exist.

A place within oneself may be under the sky

may be in a room may be everywhere one goes.

That place of calmness , that place called home within home.

To walk away from everything that serves no purpose.

To be just be MysElf.

Where anger , sadness, anxiety everything are just a detachable.

In search of a parallel universe called home.

Cheers to life




Seasons – yes it does change



Seasons usually reminds me of the human life cycle as a whole process, someday’s are bright as hell some are cloudy sometimes it rains and sometimes its just perfect. But what remains is the changes for it shall come and go whether we like it or not.

Seasons change people change what shall thus remain constant is the change .

This pic below was taken recently while travelling back home from work and it suddenly rained..!! Which just reminded me of home and the memories associated with it.

The napping sessions as mom did not allow me and brother to go out, the drenching in rain as we returned from school, going to office late saying its pouring cats and dogs near my place, the hot hot dishes mom used to prepare for us to eat and cursing the rain …hahah brings back a lot of things and also shows a side mirror view of how 27 yrs of life just went by with so many things and all that was constant was change in it all




This was on a evening outside my room



All pics are free to be used by anyone. Location is Dubai,UAE.


Cheers to life


Damn, I could have…

Drawing a Blank

This an repetitive thing which happens most of the time when i get too involved in a discussion with anyone, i get into into the flow and sometimes i have to say to myself “Chuck it..” but hours later sometimes days later i realize i could have told this that..what not arghhhh.

Lemme try to recreate a similar scene happened a few days back when i was conversing with reference to one of my one liner “To know the unknown is better than unknowing the known”, so the topic was between the known crowd, the participating people where unaware of what view i was referring when i say known and unknown, but somewhere the track met. So  the convo went in a path where every individual has a secret or a unknown side known/unknown to him/others. So i was in  favor of knowing the unknown and suddenly out of blue people who were not a part of  what we were speaking came in between and said stop this bullshit of known and unknown somehow the topic stopped and later did i realize my winning line could have been.” ignorance is a bliss for you, for you do not know the unknown among the known for you think you know everything and in depth you are unknown to yourself  for to know oneself is to get lost and be found by the unknown inside of you, but here the idea of getting lost only scares you.” Damn that would have been epic.

PS : – “To know the unknown is better than unknowing the known” –

1* Its easier to understand a stranger than to forget someone who we know.

2*it is better to question the unquestionable instead of following blindly and ignoring the wrongfulness of anything.

so and so forth  there can be multiple meaning to it “perception is all what matters”

Cheers to life


Short Posts #11

Fear is the enemy, not the hurdles, not the words, not the world.

But fear.

There exists an unknown within us, waiting to be known.

Regardless of “who” we are,”where” we are, “how “we are.

Somewhere between, ‘the world is like shit’ and ‘I want the world to be like this’, a hope, a dream, a motivation is born called change.

Value is not predetermined, it is created.

Hope is not induced, it is born

Fighting back does not necessarily mean standing up to someone; it also means using the odds to make you strong. It’s choosing your battle wisely at the right time, at the right moment for one single effective punch.

When the “WHY” is stronger than the “HOW”, success is just a simple journey.

A wise man can even learn from the stupidest people. For everyone is a teacher we just need to look for the lesson we can use.

When others do not have belief in you that’s when you need to have more confidence in you. For the road to be phenomenal can be a lonely one but in the end of the journey there will be no shortage for cheerleaders to bloat bout your success.

Whoever says that you can’t do something in life are the ones who couldn’t do for the reason that someone else told them the same. Break the chain. Be the change.

Cheers to life



This life, that’s all.

Karma Chameleon

Today’s prompt – Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Reincarnation, the concept of rebirth for paying the debt of sins of this life or as a reward for the good deeds on this life. Well that’s the JD as far as i know.

Whether i believe it well logically ,”Hell no..!!” why ..? well for starters no one has seen the afterlife nor has it been proved.

All i know is that this is the one life i have got and would want to spend it with doing what makes me happy and content. The afterlife or a rebirth is least of my concern.

Rather we all have this one life, this precious life with limited time here on earth ,we should be worried bout what we should be doing to make this place a better place for us and for our future generation than be worried bout a imaginary concept.

We have lot of problems to solve in this life itself than to worry bout the next.

We sometimes imagine too much and this reincarnation is one of them, it sounds good when writing some romantic novel or proposing but in reality its a bunch of BS.

I firmly believe that this is the only life for me and i am gonna make it the best of it, by trying to leave it in a better condition than when i came. The reward or punishment of next life shall not cloud my judgement ,this life is all i got to get it right to get the change to become the change, to be a part of evolution of life.

Lets  not be bothered bout a afterlife, let it not be your motivation to be good or bad.

Its one life, live it for make the best of it for it is existent as of now, make someone smile, wipe someones tear, help a random person, go to places, experience life.

In the end we all gonna die, so make the living part worth it.

Cheers to life.


Adiyogi 2


The above pic just caught my attention in facebook shared by a friend and just let my mind mind run wild in just debating on it. So here i am ,to write based on my hypocrisy Adiyogi again…!

She was the thunder which struck as he danced

She was the lighting as he stood with the trident

ready to end a life of the lifeless.

She was the there yet she did not realize her existence was felt.

His soul was getting attached to hers unknowing to him.

He wanted a unattached life for he was the warrior

for he fought battle of the world,

She fought at a different direction

for the earth was not flat and they

eventually had to meet.

He had fire inside with nothing to cool it off

she had a flame inside which could be controlled,

he would drink poison to prove a point

she would stay away from into getting into

such a scenario.

But they met and they bonded,

slowly his anger came to a halt

he become a attached unattached being.

He was a family man and yet he was a Vairagi

at the same time. He balanced both.

His soul found peace, her soul

gave it and she was unaware of it.

For she was Sati and for he was the ADIYOGI.

He was no god, he was a human

with might and knowledge.

He shall always be ADIYOGI

His chose his battles, rivers of blood

would flow if anyone went against him.

He stood for justice, his birth and death

unknown, but he knew all the unknown.

trident in one hand .fire in eyes, determination in his heart and soul

daring of a lion, covering himself in tiger skin.

Even death was scared of him

for he was the destroyer, he was the apocalypse

maker in the battle field .

His anger was uncontrollable if

enraged n only she could settle his anger showing her anger itself.

He would bring whole of humanity to an end

such was his anger, he was death itself.

He was ADIYOGI. The Rudra.

His bravery was given a stature of god

for he is worthy of it.


Har Har Mahadev

Bhum Bhum Bhole