Damn, I could have…

Drawing a Blank

This an repetitive thing which happens most of the time when i get too involved in a discussion with anyone, i get into into the flow and sometimes i have to say to myself “Chuck it..” but hours later sometimes days later i realize i could have told this that..what not arghhhh.

Lemme try to recreate a similar scene happened a few days back when i was conversing with reference to one of my one liner “To know the unknown is better than unknowing the known”, so the topic was between the known crowd, the participating people where unaware of what view i was referring when i say known and unknown, but somewhere the track met. So  the convo went in a path where every individual has a secret or a unknown side known/unknown to him/others. So i was in  favor of knowing the unknown and suddenly out of blue people who were not a part of  what we were speaking came in between and said stop this bullshit of known and unknown somehow the topic stopped and later did i realize my winning line could have been.” ignorance is a bliss for you, for you do not know the unknown among the known for you think you know everything and in depth you are unknown to yourself  for to know oneself is to get lost and be found by the unknown inside of you, but here the idea of getting lost only scares you.” Damn that would have been epic.

PS : – “To know the unknown is better than unknowing the known” –

1* Its easier to understand a stranger than to forget someone who we know.

2*it is better to question the unquestionable instead of following blindly and ignoring the wrongfulness of anything.

so and so forth  there can be multiple meaning to it “perception is all what matters”

Cheers to life


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