Seasons – yes it does change



Seasons usually reminds me of the human life cycle as a whole process, someday’s are bright as hell some are cloudy sometimes it rains and sometimes its just perfect. But what remains is the changes for it shall come and go whether we like it or not.

Seasons change people change what shall thus remain constant is the change .

This pic below was taken recently while travelling back home from work and it suddenly rained..!! Which just reminded me of home and the memories associated with it.

The napping sessions as mom did not allow me and brother to go out, the drenching in rain as we returned from school, going to office late saying its pouring cats and dogs near my place, the hot hot dishes mom used to prepare for us to eat and cursing the rain …hahah brings back a lot of things and also shows a side mirror view of how 27 yrs of life just went by with so many things and all that was constant was change in it all




This was on a evening outside my room



All pics are free to be used by anyone. Location is Dubai,UAE.


Cheers to life



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Seeing life from different perspective like "everyone else". A bit of a realistic person and bit of "hope" there are fairy tale ending too type. Love travelling, reading drinking scotch and write whatever comes to mind for i have no certain type of genre since I write for my joy for my relaxation and peace of mind. I like to be what i am rather than be what others want me to be at times can be a stubborn ass and sometimes soft totally depending on the way i get treated. Love being alone even though its not my choice. Love listening to music and sip scotch as i dose off to dream land .... Rest you can find in my post so why don you just check them out... on instagram @the_hkesh on face book @

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