A journey….

State of Mind – This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo.

The challenge for this week being to converge two worlds into one seems a bit of a challenge as most of the time words, pictures are just a sneak peak into a emotion; for what we feel can only be felt not expressed nor quantified in anyway.

Anyways moving on, the above two pics were taken a couple of months back as i was travelling back to my room from a interview in the evening. The bottom one was during a recent fishing trip all at Dubai.

The first two pic were depicts the mind and the rate at which thoughts are being processed at every moment at a greater speed than the amount of time I spend talking. The bottom one specifies the urge to escape it all and go into a place where nothing bothers the mind a place that i myself am not sure where it exists. A place of calmness, peace and harmony with oneself. A escape route from all the hustle of the mind, of the people an escape from self, which even though is not possible, for how can one escape from himself.

So this is the two world converging into one and being depicted in just 3 simple pics.

A mind filled with thoughts,

a hand which cannot keep up with it

to jot it all down in a paper.

Looking for a place inside me

trying to wash out the foot marks

of those who walked in by invite and

left without a good bye.

Searching for a place where the

silence makes more sense.

A place where there is eternal bliss

where the mind can run free and wild

without looking behind on the trails,

a place where there is no worry

bout tomorrow.

A place where loneliness makes more sense.

A place i can call home and truly be there in the now.

Where there are no known and unknown

a place where there is no identity and there are just fellow

travelers who just make the journey colorful

even though the black and white episodes of life exist.

A place within oneself may be under the sky

may be in a room may be everywhere one goes.

That place of calmness , that place called home within home.

To walk away from everything that serves no purpose.

To be just be MysElf.

Where anger , sadness, anxiety everything are just a detachable.

In search of a parallel universe called home.

Cheers to life





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