No, more ….


“I do not need anything from you” so she told

as she walked away crushing everything under her feet.

And after many springs went away,

“I just need one thing, please” she asked

as he was trying to gather everything she  had crushed.


His eyes glittered with hope thinking may be

she realized her mistake and would at least say sorry

but all she wanted was to save her heaven

there was no resentment, no guilt nor shame

she bluntly just requested as if nothing happened

saying do not tell the world you knew me or we were together

she wanted him to unknow the known,

he smiled and said yes to her

for he wanted her happy even at the price of his

happiness, his self respect even his

sanity. But it didnt matter to her

for she had created a monster

whom only she could control

she forgot that sometimes even

the monster makes peace within himself

for he also needs his peace.

It was like the old days where she dictated his choice

the difference was back then he loved doing it

now he just does it for he is compelled to his words

which he once promised.

His sanity was not her concern, her reputation was her concern.

Her mistake was shown as his mistake to the world

and when she realized the world is round

she had already created a sainthood for herself

and a living hell for him.

And when both the world almost came close to collide

she comes and says to burn a little more by

keeping the truth hidden.

The truth would destroy her world which she built

on lies and fakeness knowing that

he will never destroy it even if it destroys him.

Such was her trust on him that

she ripped him apart in every aspect

and when he was healing from the wounds

she comes again asking for a favour

and he says ok. For his world was already destroyed

and for he thought atleast let her world

shine at the cost of his.

Funny is the world

it mocks the pain of others and gets pleasure

and yet when they under fire they do come down and

ask can you shed few more to save me..?

Instead of sayin no more..!!!  he said “no, you need more”

as he gave her his last drop of himself which he had kept to himself.



cheers to life

known unknown….


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