a drop ;

Drop –

A drop of hope created an ocean of disappointment…

He was  heartless till a drop of tear fell from her cheek…..


A drop of tear rolled down the cheek from both

one shed it out of happiness

while the other shed it out of sadness.

one was rejoiced while the other was outclassed

As the drops of alcohol dripped from the last peg onto his mouth

he stumbled to find a book and pen to write it all what he felt

for his tongue wouldn’t roll for it was busy

calling her name.

As he gasped for air while drops of blood fell

from his fresh wound which he inflected on his own.

he remembered how she used to get scared seeing him in pain

he cut not to die nor for pleasure.

he cut for hope, a hopeless hope of seeing her again.

drops of tears created an ocean of tears eventually

but the fish which he desired had already swam to a different ocean.

So he sank in his own ocean, only to realize that the ocean is vast and shallow.

He searched a drop of poison, but couldn’t afford one,

so  he killed himself in daily in a poison called memory

for that is something he had amassed over the years;

only to find out it would kill him daily

whilst he slept or even when he was awake.



Cheers to life




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