As he stood outside

awaiting for her arrival

holding flowers for her in his hand

heart beating louder than the drums

for he was seeing her after a long time

there was excitement there was happiness

same time there was sacredness.

As she came out, the ground below him

could not bear his weight

his legs could not stand still

hence he ran towards her

to see her, both shed tears of joy

for she was his fiance or so he thought.

But as years passed

And it was his time to return

he had flowers in his hand but

he had none to wait for him outside

except one lady

who was at home and that was his mother

for whom the flowers were bought.

He shed a tear as he came out of the airport

and saw the past flash by his eyes in vain..

For the one whom he

thought would never leave him

had left him in a dark place inside

and the one he ignored is still there

And that’s when he realized a mothers love

can never be replaced ,for a mother her children

are everything and she shall not ignore them

even if they do…


Cheers to life





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