A2Z-BADGE [2016]F

Even though the letter F is tempting me to say the word meaning coitus i refrain from doing so.

Frankness –

She said lets be frank with each other

he knew she would not able to bear his frankness

yet she insisted for hearing it

So she asked saying how where his yesterdays

he went silent for the darkness came infront of his eyes

so he said it was good.

Not satisfied with the answer

she tormented him

he could not take it any longer

his hand raised and landed on her cheeks

as tears shed from her eyes

she fumbled and said “i only asked you to be frank”

he replied i was being frank and slapped you.

When you could not handle so much

then you surely cannot bear the stories of my yesterday.

She heard the unheard cry within him

yet she could not silence it

for his inside was a hell

only he could control

And she understood that she tried to open the lock

and his control mechanism just kicked in and slapped her.

There is darkness in all of us

sometimes there is no hope for those dark chambers

its better to be lock them in the dungeons of the conscience

for the demons cannot be controlled if let out..


Cheers to life



One thought on “F…..

  1. I agree. Some dark things must be locked inside forever if they cannot be excised by professionals in a safe environment.
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.


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