She used to giggle as i say something stupid.

not to offend him but to just smile and see him smile back.

She had the key to his happiness,

and he gave that key to her

for he thought forever meant forever.

But only to realize forever was a lie.

her giggle still resonates in his head.

not letting him sleep,

but this time it mocks him,

it haunts him,

for she held the key

and she took off with the key and his happiness.

He deemed it will fade away as he lied

to his friends and family saying he is over her.

But to his horror it never did.

Life was cruel in the first place

she just gave him heaven for a while and

turned that into a purgatory in his mind.

She left but left her imprints on his heart and mind.

Thus started a civil war within him

of trying to forgetting her and not being able to.

One giggle, one giggle started it all….


Cheers to life



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