Come find me

Inside the head runs a river

of thoughts and feelings for you

which is blocked by a dam

called “your happiness”

There is a reservoir of memories

of the days we spent together

the purpose of life seems

all lost, not for the world does not make sense

no longer but for,

You were the ocean and i lost my self

in the depths of your innocence and love

now am just a lonely fish,

Hiding in the depths of the ocean

waiting to be found

Death does not scare, but the thought

of leaving behind trauma for the

ones who still care

does scare.

Every night is a futile

storm of wanting to be with you

and trying to forget.

It is in these moments

that even a deadly drink

seems like a possible solution

it is these times that

anger, pain, tears combined

with alcohol makes a deadly combo.

Who am I?, is a question

i ask myself

for i do not know, i only feel the chill.

The coldness of the outside does not affect.

But the regrets inside haunts and burns down

the once peaceful mind.

There seems no hope,

trying to change is just as painful as physical pain

Cause there is no peace inside.

There is just the vast and shallow ocean

as i swim alone waiting

for you to come find me…

or may be just discover the vastness in the state of loudness

of a ever running river if thoughts……


Cheers to life



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