One last Breath of air

Breath rumi-goodbye

It felt as if the butterfly

died of hunger, which once fluttered with all its glory.

The Smile of happiness

was turned into weep of anger.

The cry for peace become common

yet nothing was attained.

The bright future which once he saw

turned into a battleground.

The heart which felt emotions was now filled

with just anger,

Anger for the lies, anger for the tears he was made to shed

Tears for the pit of loneliness he was pushed into.

There was a hurt anger,

there was hundreds of memories playing back again and again

even though he did not ask for it.

No she did not even say a sorry for the

game she played,

and no he did not expect a sorry either.

There was tears,anger,regret all

mixed into a deadly cocktail of


But still he had his last breath of air left in him

awaiting her return……..


image source – google

Cheers to life




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