She stood by all all my mistake;

she was the reason of my existence.

She hided her tears when i broke out in anger

She was patient with me at every step.

She never said no to anything

no matter how irrational my request would.

Words merely will not define or express

the level of love affection, care of my first love.

My first love, the one who cried as i was born.

My Mother….


Dedicated to all the mothers out there who would do anything and everything to see their kids happy and safe. As the saying in my country goes “There can a bad son, but never a bad mother..”


Cheers to life




2 thoughts on “Mmmmm

  1. Our mothers are always there for us, giving us the care we need, through the darkness they our light.These are the lines i grew up to about Mothers. I loved your lines so much more! Beautiful post! Cheers Bud! – Cezane


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