The faking truth




There exists a closet where the darkest secrets

and the truest feelings hide.

It is locked and guarded by  guardians called

pain and anger.

There exists a fake persona

who smiles, who laughs

who gives an outward presentable


just to keep the guards: anger and pain

at bay and not create the chaos

on the outside.

The world may call it being fake

But in reality it is just

bearing owns weight

not passing it on to others.

For, it may be insignificant

to the world;

which may be the world to self.

The numbness inside the closet

hidden and drenched in control.

May it seem fake,

but for what it is worth,

let it remain as a fake smile

a fake happiness

a fake life….

For the world may be a chaos

if anger coupled with pain comes out of the closet …


image courtesy  – google


Cheers to life




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