The word which always confused the mind and heart in an amazingly weird way.

What is solitude ? is it the separation from society and be one with thoughts and oneself. Or is it something else.

The state of total awareness I assume is solitude where one is one with his thoughts and can feel the words, sense the pain and tries to correct in a way. May be its my perspective.

Solitude they say is a dangerous trait , yes it is for when one becomes aware of thought process and starts to think rather than judging it is an dangerous trait for the sheep laugh at the knowledge of the wolf.

solitude all in all is a self realization tool for the silence of the mouth is balanced by the loudness the mind.

As everyone wants to change the world or self but a few take the step towards it, and solitude is one of the way to reach that goal.

It is standing out of the crowd and thinking by yourself and analyzing the information and then deciding the truth.

Solitude is a journey few chose and few are forced to take, for the noise outside can disturb the peace inside.

When one realizes nobody can save him other than himself that is when the actual state of solitude starts and one begins a journey into the darkness, a darkness worth getting lost in, a darkness worth being lurking around.

Solitude can be dangerous for when one realizes the potential hidden inside oneself it gives him the strength to block fellow beings emotions which is good in a way but the risk of losing humanity is always there for the sense of being happy with oneself is good if the touch of selfishness is not mixed into it.

But we as humans are selfish and sometimes its good to be selfish for the world at times needs an mirror to show the image of society. The world no longer needs a hero all it needs an monster to blame on and be the part of the heroic society.

truth be told solitude is simple being aware of the good bad and the ugly and still chose to be silent and not react towards any.




Cheers to life



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