Count Less

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The Count went on with his journey

over the countless years of wait,

for the one who can make him

count less of the by gone years

for he was the vampire hiding under

the sunlight, not to be found.

He did not suck blood like

the other vampires

for he had tasted his own blood

and that made him stay

without sucking blood of others.

He was the count, who waited countless years

for the one who would make him feel count less

of the by gone years….

For he was countless……..

Cheers to life





Short Posts #12


there was a story, part of it was told

part of it was untold.

The untold became a myth and the told became a joke!!!


He laughed, he cried, he smiled;

He survived…..


As the sun over the head tried to dehydrate them,

they hydrated themselves with a hope of getting a roof

over their head one day…..


Poverty was in money, not in kindness

hunt was for soulmate not partner.

She searched for him in the words of her poem,

he searched for her in the corners of his dreams

the sad part was they found neither the persons

nor the lost happiness…..


Even death was so sad seeing him die everyday

that even death abandon him as did happiness…

yet he found happiness in dying every moment

for he felt her presence in those dark moments

and that made him smile …..

cheers to life


The last poem I will write for you..! Probably

Oh beautiful ! You were the brightest star in
the dark sky called life,
Let me for once shed out the pain; fully
I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity.
but same time i realized forever does exists but in pain.
baby remember those escapades
those mini trips out of town
just to escape the eyes of society.
Oh baby those kisses those
promises, those mini date,
those days of struggle do you remember
for we had to hide for religion was the culprit
Baby do you remember those fights
where we fought like bunch of kids
yet made up after a while
Do you remember the tears we shed
when we were hurt by each others action.
Darling do you remember how we visited
temples, churches and prayed that
our parents agree for our wedding.
baby remember those days when we had no money
yet we lived like royals in each others company
remember those struggles.
remember the times you stood by me
and said until death do us apart we shall
be together.
remember the times we spent hours together
holding each others hand and getting lost
in our own world
talking gibberish letting imagination run wild.
Remember those funny days when we planned
who will be our daughters protector.
How shall i tell the things that i remember for
you have forgotten my existence.
How shall i express my sadness when words merely
touch the top layer of it all.
How shall i tell you that
every night is a battle of mind and heart.
How shall i tell you that i cannot be normal ever again.
How do I tell you i can never go back home
for your memories haunt me in those roads, those parks,
those hills those rivers. How shall i explain
you that i still haven’t moved on.
munchkin how do i tell you ,
how i miss you everyday,
how shall i tell you that i forgive you,
How do i plead with you to come back.
How do i tell you my soul
is empty without you.
Darling how do i forget you when
everything i do reminds me of you.
When the river of alcohol also
does not help.
How do i tell you I miss you
how do i show you my life’s incompleteness
How do i tell you i am a changed person now.
How do i tell you that Hope left me, how do i tell you
faith kicked me, how do i tell you
that memories is all that is with me
How do  i tell that I no longer have the strength
to smile, how do i beg, how do i plead, how do i pray
for your return baby.
How do i tell myself that i need to forget you.
How, how baby how, When i still love you
How do i forget you  when all i ever want is
to be with you..
How do i tell you that this is
the last poem I will write for you..!
Cheers to life

Pensive about the one who is still remembered everyday


A story of survival-poem


Both survived the storm

both were displaced in the storm.

Yet both unknown to each other,

for the storm had taught them

to survive the worst of the worst

but they did not know

both were survivors.

For love had cheated them both

for loyalty had taken a toll on both

for honesty had killed their soul

and pushed them into solitude,

for falseness had won

and being real was not

the trend.

For love failed miserably

and materialist

things had won with false honor…

for survival

taught had a lesson;

that forever was a lie


cheers to life






Motherly sacrifice.

Sacrifice –

as the sky shed tears,

and shouted thunder

seeing a heart

beating for

another even in worst of time.

A  heart which was

ready for any ultimate sacrifice.

And that heart belonged to a mother…


happy mothers day to all the mothers out there, you ladies remind us that some love are unconditional.


Cheers to life




Misplaced in the universe



As the universe expands

as the distance between us

increases, As one fades away from our memories.

As the countless prayers go unanswered,

We all realize that we are all misplaced

in this world.

Some misplaced in time

some  misplaced in memories.

Some get lost

while some raise from it.

But all in all

Everyone does get misplaced…

A place which we all miss !



Image Source  – Google.

Cheers to life.



hop hope



There is hope they said,

But how do you explain

when you do not wanna


for hope is what bought

sadness and the bitterness.

Hope for the best,

all suggested

How do you explain them

that the hope for best

made him the worst.

They said have hope

don be bitter,

how do you explain

you have lost hope

for hope was the reason

for expectations

which lead to disappointment……


Cheers to life