Short Posts #12


there was a story, part of it was told

part of it was untold.

The untold became a myth and the told became a joke!!!


He laughed, he cried, he smiled;

He survived…..


As the sun over the head tried to dehydrate them,

they hydrated themselves with a hope of getting a roof

over their head one day…..


Poverty was in money, not in kindness

hunt was for soulmate not partner.

She searched for him in the words of her poem,

he searched for her in the corners of his dreams

the sad part was they found neither the persons

nor the lost happiness…..


Even death was so sad seeing him die everyday

that even death abandon him as did happiness…

yet he found happiness in dying every moment

for he felt her presence in those dark moments

and that made him smile …..

cheers to life



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