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A transformation

Transformation- She transformed herself into a mighty warrior for she had seen battles and she had seen the blood shed, she could not take it no longer she did not wait for the knight in shiny armour She became the knight in armour. She took the oath of honour with pride for she transformed herself … Continue reading A transformation

The Last Poem…

..:D my poem

Eye Will Not Cry

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The last poem I will write for you..! Probably!

Oh beautiful! You were the brightest star in
the dark sky called life,
Let me for once shed out the pain; fully
I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity.
but same time I realized forever does exists but in pain.

Baby remember those escapades
those mini trips out of town
just to escape the eyes of society.
Oh baby those kisses those
promises, those mini date,
those days of struggle do you remember
for we had to hide for religion was the culprit

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Purpose - The search began for the purpose of life, the journey was started under the dark moonless night the stars served as dots, and the mind started connecting the dots. Suddenly the aimless life seemed to be filled with curiosity and appreciation for oneself. The urge to prove to oneself was more important than proving to … Continue reading Purpose