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She fed the hungry,

the arrogant, the crawlers

the talkers, the walkers.

She kept herself hungry so

that rest can eat.

Never uttered a word of self praise

nor was there an inch of self loathing as well.

She never said no to the requests

of the toddlers nor the talkers.

She would wear old clothes

so rest of them could wear new.

She would walk miles

so that the rest could spare the walk.

She would fast in the name of imaginary being

so that the IB would not be angry for deeds

of others.

She would lose sleep waiting for the sleepless

she helped the crawlers to walk and talk.

Even when the talkers began

to talk back to her

My dad calls her his wife

i call her a idol of simplicity

she is my mother.

she is the walking talking

god who is non imaginary….



Cheers to life



A transformation


She transformed herself

into a mighty warrior

for she had seen battles

and she had seen the blood shed,

she could not take it no longer

she did not wait for

the knight in shiny armour

She became the knight in


She took the oath of honour with pride

for she transformed herself from a

victim to a warrior.


cheers to life






The dark sky started singing

thunders played the music

Rain sang the unsung song,

amidst all this

the heart started to hymn

an old song to an old friend.

The weather showed the outward appearance

of what is inside the heart

The sky sang the song

of his life….


Cheeers to life




The Last Poem…

..:D my poem

Eye Will Not Cry

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The last poem I will write for you..! Probably!

Oh beautiful! You were the brightest star in
the dark sky called life,
Let me for once shed out the pain; fully
I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity.
but same time I realized forever does exists but in pain.

Baby remember those escapades
those mini trips out of town
just to escape the eyes of society.
Oh baby those kisses those
promises, those mini date,
those days of struggle do you remember
for we had to hide for religion was the culprit

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We are at war

There were times of peace

there was a time

when we stood together

i was on my knees

trusting you

without questioning you.

When the world around trembled

i stood with the belief

that you shall and will

be there for me,

Even when you took away the

world away from me

i stood there patiently, angrily

and started thinking of your

existence, only then did i realize

you were a figment of my imagination

supported by the mass

and ridiculed by the few.

only then did i realize

i was in a dream

and i woke up

and now we are at war

even though

your existence is at question.

Am not sad, am not angry am not a fool

to follow you or believe you

for we are at war, not with you but with beliefs

of your existance

for you are a figment of imagination…..


as quoted by Bertrand Russel – “No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God.”


Cheers to life





Purpose –

The search began for the purpose of life,

the journey was started under the dark moonless night

the stars served as dots,

and the mind started connecting the dots.

Suddenly the aimless life seemed to be filled

with curiosity and appreciation for oneself.

The urge to prove to oneself was more important

than proving to others.

The mind saw the things which the eyes

could not see ..

may be that was the purpose of life to find oneself

while being lost in the darkness

and realize that we are the light that we are in search of.

The stupidity of others did not bother

cause the mind understood that they are

lost and yet they do not realize it.

Judgmental person turned into a silent observer.

For he had found the purpose of his life

which was to find himself through

himself for that was the purpose of life

to be found by oneself in a jungle of many.


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Cheers to life