We are at war

There were times of peace

there was a time

when we stood together

i was on my knees

trusting you

without questioning you.

When the world around trembled

i stood with the belief

that you shall and will

be there for me,

Even when you took away the

world away from me

i stood there patiently, angrily

and started thinking of your

existence, only then did i realize

you were a figment of my imagination

supported by the mass

and ridiculed by the few.

only then did i realize

i was in a dream

and i woke up

and now we are at war

even though

your existence is at question.

Am not sad, am not angry am not a fool

to follow you or believe you

for we are at war, not with you but with beliefs

of your existance

for you are a figment of imagination…..


as quoted by Bertrand Russel – “No one can sit at the bedside of a dying child and still believe in God.”


Cheers to life




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