In response to the daily post – daily prompt challenge .



The pretentious , the con man

the best scam ever made

was white washed

just by the smile of honesty.

The anger dissolved into

tears of joy.

The urge to win became

an race to attain peace.

All it took was to pretend

that he did not care.

that is all it took for him

to realize that

there still exists true love;

in the form of a smile

Cheers to life





subtle passion



“Don’t hold back now”, passion told the mind

for what the mind thought was impossible

passion pushed for it.

As the night fell and the stars started shining,

passion changed its route

to the road less traveled

from emails to poems….

for everyone is a champ if

given the right battle to

fight for


Cheers to life




she  waits for no one,

she is so valuable that no one can buy her

she is so powerful that

she can either make you be remembered generations ahead

or make you forgotten within a blink of an eye.

she is powerful yet weak

she is a paradox, she is absolute

few have tried to master her.

She is the absolute she is the unavoidable

she is time….