The few….

We see life as a we want In our own perview which gives Us comfort which gives us peace. The hurt find the world hurtful The kind find it kindful The realist finds it as it is Amidst all there are the one who Despise the negativity Who haunt down every emotion of Sadness of … Continue reading The few….


You are your own destiny Maker – Mentor

Mentor In response to today's daily prompt. Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting the theme. Create a pingback to this challenge   When You hit rock bottom Sit there for a while, evaluate the situation, build your comeback For sometimes we got to be our own hero and our own mentor as we become … Continue reading You are your own destiny Maker – Mentor

… so observe

Observe You see the smile, you see the anger you see care and you shall also see ignorance. You shall see an ocean of emotions But observe, for you shall see only what i want you to see.... Observe when I say "its OK" Observe when I say "I do not care" for sometimes i … Continue reading … so observe