Random scribbling #1

Life can be overwhelming at times, for may be its in its nature or may be its just in our head for how we see and experience a moment. One moment we are happy the next moment another emotion emerges.

Upon pondering we all will get different reasons for the same. its funny how the human brain functions by giving so many different emotion to an incident. May be that is what makes us human so complex. At such instances one thing which soothes the mind is thinking ” what would a baby do if it was in my position?” yes , a baby.

How an innocent child just laughs/smiles and sometimes even sleeps it off. For may be it does not have the burden of overthinking an situation or may be it understands that it not gonna matter in couple of mins/hrs/days.

Just a thought which just came across as a random scribbling in my head.


Cheers to life


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