When the world go deaf

The scream help is not always loud

sometimes it lurk’s in silence.

And in the silence , a few find solace

a redemption of sorts for when

there is no one there shall always

and forever be oneself to help.

The fight is not a easy one

there are days when even opening 

the eyes and waking up seems 

herculean task, and sometimes

all one wants to do is to

not sleep and kill the mind busy

so that the heart is silent..

Sometimes water serves as the only

food one requires and some days alcohol.

Being depressed was not out of choice

nor was being happy.

Even the ones for whom you die

for may not hear the silent cry.

No amount of motivation may wake the 

dead happiness inside.

Even family becomes a oasis

of worry.

There may not come help from any source anyday

And neither does the courage to end it all 

forever …

The silence of the gods , the numbness of loved ones

all create a scream inside the head

humanly unbearable to silence.

And the entire world goes deaf for it……



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