A part of me…

A part of me will always want

to hear your voice for every moment of life

no matter how far you drift away 

from me, a part of me shall always

want you in my arms.

Even for the games you played

my heart would not mind to 

get played again,

for you took a piece of me

with you when you ran

and that was my heart.

When your name is heard

my eyes shall always 

search around if its you.

Even though the mind knows its

over, a part of me never believes it.

It waits in despair 

for the words of our promise

still echo within.

Would set the world on fire

should you want it.

Would go into war  with the world itself

just to see you happy.

Would hunt down the unseen 

for you should you ask.

For i loved you forever and i meant it

There shall be no drought

for words to express 

how much i still love you.

All for a part of me still

loves you……



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