An illusion

Black The calm sunsets at the beach with handover the shoulder of the one who would walk shoulder to shoulder in all storms and pleasant day. The breeze makes her hair fly high and she smiles for a moment could not understand what was more beautiful her smile or the sunset. Time the culprit signals … Continue reading An illusion


The little dream

As the weekend inches by, sitting beside the window seat at work seeing the cars rush towards their destination to avoid the weekend rush. A sudden thought strikes like a lightening and brings back an old memory, once a dream and still remains the same.   She strikes again, her voice echoes inside the head … Continue reading The little dream


As the sound of footsteps were no longer heard, the giggles vanished the cute shouting went numb. The ride along the road turned into a lonely trip. She was there same time not there. She became Schrödinger's cat live example. She took it all away the smile, the happiness, the very essence that kept him alive. She … Continue reading Footstep

and thats it…

It was meant to be or was it intended to be both lead to the same outcome on a smaller scale. memories were created knowing that the future was unknown. It didnt hurt a bit when reality bit in installments But it hurt when the installments added up to the larger picture and created you and I … Continue reading and thats it…

Confessions of an Alcoholic…. :)

Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life. George Bernard Shaw Alcohol , divine for a few and hellish for others.. But hey both got their own reason to say what they believe in. So let me take the formers side. So we hear about all that is bad of this … Continue reading Confessions of an Alcoholic…. 🙂