Short post 15

Redemption and suffering both is within us. It’s just upon the heart to let the mind chose


The truth sets you free, when the one who needs the truth accepts the truth

otherwise it shall only be a taunting little memory etched in the head.


There is no shame in accepting that one is flawed,

shame is when you know you are flawed and yet hide it behind

words and illusion.



only you can live your life not anyone else

so why stress about what others think for

you shall and will be your own guardian



Beyond the boundaries of societies beyond the realm of limitations

lies humanity sober, clean and guarded by conscience which is

pure as the smile of infant.



Amidst the darkness lies a calmness, a solitude , a calling

which only the broken can see and bear

for not all heroes are born to save the world wearing cape

some are heroes save the world just by taming the devil

inside of them, in the darkness


When u spot the smile in the ally of memories

when you see the tears in the corners of the mind palace

just remember that both happiness and sadness are illusions


One does not a god for saving, what one needs is confidence upon oneself

for victory favors the brave, and the brave have trust upon themselves

and not any invisible entity


Everyday can be a battle when you come back from a war,

for war exposes you to certain treacherous phases

that it can create havoc in the mind and can errupt

anytime, not all wars are fought between countries

few war are fought between reality and illusion





Dancing with darkness

As the stage was set with

a million light and one spot light

the heart started its walk towards

the locked doors of the past and knocks;

the mind begs for mercy not to

open the door, the soul laughs at both.

In the end the heart won and the door opens

the walk turns into a ballad between

reality and dreams.

The eyes sprinkles water on the occasion,

the souls gives a shout out so

loud that all go deaf expect oneself..

Darkness looks so pretty amidst all this


There is just rage warming the cold heart.

There is guilt, there is pain

there is countless prayers to the unseen.

And then comes out the devil

calling out for a dance.

As the soul lends out the hand,

both dance in the darkness

shouldering one and another.

There was no harm from darkness

as society warned, the perception

towards darkness changed the day

light gave up on him

and darkness was the only ally who stood by.

alcohol is the drink which can

partly drench his thirst and sooth .

Her smile though was more intoxicating than alcohol itself,

so strong that even years after she left

it was still etched in his heart and soul till date.

Every tear that is shed out

is in remembrance of the time spent together

it is the only thing left in life for she was no longer there.

trying to find her amidst every crowd,

created anxiety and thus he secluded himself

from society.

Trying to find her knowing it will

hurt him, all he wanted was to just see her

from distance at least, cause all he wanted

was to know if she is doing well

cause she was the princess he once fought battles along side with.

She was a majestic being

she was humble at one point in life

and all that was etched onto his soul

that what ever was the betrayal he encountered

from her was perceived as  an act of necessity.

There he stood dancing with the darkness

as all these thoughts haunting inside and outside

was that smile and careless outlook

as if nothing really happened to the bruised soul

Cheers to life






In response to the daily post – daily prompt challenge .



The pretentious , the con man

the best scam ever made

was white washed

just by the smile of honesty.

The anger dissolved into

tears of joy.

The urge to win became

an race to attain peace.

All it took was to pretend

that he did not care.

that is all it took for him

to realize that

there still exists true love;

in the form of a smile

Cheers to life




Gloomy storm


“Can you handle the storm ?”, he asked himself

as he set afoot into a new territory

within him, all was dark and gloomy.

The darkness was becoming his friend

he had seen it coming, yet he did not

stop it from happening, for the storm

seemed  pleasant at that point.

The storm destroyed the words, it drained all

the strength within.

All the feelings burned and formed clouds

all the pain and sorrow gathered and formed a thunder rain

emotions messed and formed a storm of destruction.

And yet in the depth of silence and storm.

There was a calmness waiting to

out power the storm.

But he calmed the calmness and

embraced the storm, since it was

the only companion…!!!!!




the lonely road


Lets abandon the light

for we shall ride into the


The darkness which will be

brightened by your arrival.

Come let us abandon

love, and ride into hate

where your arrival will

just make hate into love.


Abandon my memories

for there you still exist

and never left,for you

abandoned me not your memories.

Come again and let us abandon each other

for let me also

feel the feel which you felt.

Give me a chance to be a part

of unsung poem

Come abandon me again

so i can see your pretty face

once again

Come abandon me again

for let me feel the stab again

buried deep upon my back.

Come abandon me again

so that i can smile this time

when the stabbing happens…….


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Cheers to life




Disaster –

Lets be the chaos of the universe

let us dance amongst the wolves

let us sooth away the disaster

by being the disaster itself.

let  us hunt down

our enemies like bloodhounds

let us rejoice in the grief

let the rain wash off the blood

and the tears

Come of mighty queen

let us ride into the disaster.

Let the sword of pain cut off the chains of


come oh mighty warrior let us ride into the darkness

never to return let us build the empire we dreamt alike

come let us battle disaster together….

let us ride onto victory





The word which always confused the mind and heart in an amazingly weird way.

What is solitude ? is it the separation from society and be one with thoughts and oneself. Or is it something else.

The state of total awareness I assume is solitude where one is one with his thoughts and can feel the words, sense the pain and tries to correct in a way. May be its my perspective.

Solitude they say is a dangerous trait , yes it is for when one becomes aware of thought process and starts to think rather than judging it is an dangerous trait for the sheep laugh at the knowledge of the wolf.

solitude all in all is a self realization tool for the silence of the mouth is balanced by the loudness the mind.

As everyone wants to change the world or self but a few take the step towards it, and solitude is one of the way to reach that goal.

It is standing out of the crowd and thinking by yourself and analyzing the information and then deciding the truth.

Solitude is a journey few chose and few are forced to take, for the noise outside can disturb the peace inside.

When one realizes nobody can save him other than himself that is when the actual state of solitude starts and one begins a journey into the darkness, a darkness worth getting lost in, a darkness worth being lurking around.

Solitude can be dangerous for when one realizes the potential hidden inside oneself it gives him the strength to block fellow beings emotions which is good in a way but the risk of losing humanity is always there for the sense of being happy with oneself is good if the touch of selfishness is not mixed into it.

But we as humans are selfish and sometimes its good to be selfish for the world at times needs an mirror to show the image of society. The world no longer needs a hero all it needs an monster to blame on and be the part of the heroic society.

truth be told solitude is simple being aware of the good bad and the ugly and still chose to be silent and not react towards any.




Cheers to life