You are your own destiny Maker – Mentor

Mentor In response to today's daily prompt. Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting the theme. Create a pingback to this challenge   When You hit rock bottom Sit there for a while, evaluate the situation, build your comeback For sometimes we got to be our own hero and our own mentor as we become … Continue reading You are your own destiny Maker – Mentor


… so observe

Observe You see the smile, you see the anger you see care and you shall also see ignorance. You shall see an ocean of emotions But observe, for you shall see only what i want you to see.... Observe when I say "its OK" Observe when I say "I do not care" for sometimes i … Continue reading … so observe

Daily Prompt – Betrayal

Betrayed betrayal, a single word one emotion and an immeasurable amount of agony and pain its can come from anyone from the excepted ones to the unexpected ones. from the kindest to the meanest. Since all are slaves of choices and situation. Whilst some create situation for betrayal few create choices to avoid it. Betrayal … Continue reading Daily Prompt – Betrayal

Daily Prompt – Torn

Torn The sails where torn apart by the same wind which sailed the boat creating a wreckage beyond repair and pushing it off to a no mans land. Yet the sail was hopeful that the same wind would one day take the boat ashore to the promised land. Ships cross the barren land seeing the … Continue reading Daily Prompt – Torn

Expectation for no expectation

Expect What to expect when you have let go of expectations but subtly deep down have an hope that the unexpected to happen. After all it were the expectations which broke making these words ,these rantings,these abrupt out pour of grief, anger pain. Cause we all have an expectation to not have an expectation but … Continue reading Expectation for no expectation

adrift with thoughts

Adrift Adrift in the universe we all reach our destination some reach early some reach late for it's all about the journey we start off with no words we slog speaking about reaching then again when we attain silence we reach there and then finally attain complete silence with no return. Adrift in thoughts adrift … Continue reading adrift with thoughts

just another day…. alone

Solitude Craft Thought of merging daily prompt with weekly photo and here is the outcome. Solitude , crafted to show the world that one is a ruthless monster but truth being it is just to keep at bay the monster who is uncontrollable even though it resides within oneself. solitude the scared art of being … Continue reading just another day…. alone