Dancing with darkness

As the stage was set with

a million light and one spot light

the heart started its walk towards

the locked doors of the past and knocks;

the mind begs for mercy not to

open the door, the soul laughs at both.

In the end the heart won and the door opens

the walk turns into a ballad between

reality and dreams.

The eyes sprinkles water on the occasion,

the souls gives a shout out so

loud that all go deaf expect oneself..

Darkness looks so pretty amidst all this


There is just rage warming the cold heart.

There is guilt, there is pain

there is countless prayers to the unseen.

And then comes out the devil

calling out for a dance.

As the soul lends out the hand,

both dance in the darkness

shouldering one and another.

There was no harm from darkness

as society warned, the perception

towards darkness changed the day

light gave up on him

and darkness was the only ally who stood by.

alcohol is the drink which can

partly drench his thirst and sooth .

Her smile though was more intoxicating than alcohol itself,

so strong that even years after she left

it was still etched in his heart and soul till date.

Every tear that is shed out

is in remembrance of the time spent together

it is the only thing left in life for she was no longer there.

trying to find her amidst every crowd,

created anxiety and thus he secluded himself

from society.

Trying to find her knowing it will

hurt him, all he wanted was to just see her

from distance at least, cause all he wanted

was to know if she is doing well

cause she was the princess he once fought battles along side with.

She was a majestic being

she was humble at one point in life

and all that was etched onto his soul

that what ever was the betrayal he encountered

from her was perceived as  an act of necessity.

There he stood dancing with the darkness

as all these thoughts haunting inside and outside

was that smile and careless outlook

as if nothing really happened to the bruised soul

Cheers to life





The walk

There is just silence in the lips

that you once touched

when it spoke of dying.

There is just a mess in the head

which was once filled thoughts of you and me.

The long walks are just no longer

reviving, the water touching the feet at the beach

no longer is funny.

You still reside inside me as a part of me

as a memory etched on the wall of

my soul.

there is darkness, there is a shield which blocks

all the light for you are the only

light my soul awaits for.

There is anger, which just built year on year

cause of your absence to cool  off

the fire inside me.

The body is alive but the soul is as dead as is

the heart which once was filled with joy.

There is no one to wipe those shiny droplets of

tears which fall off at the dark nights when

the silence just takes me back to

the land where we once walked majestically


Days are drama show, hiding the pain the anger,

night is the matinee show where there is just silence and tears.

I breathe not cause I want to its just cause I have to,

for maybe one day all this pain

shall reap its result, that is you.

I do not miss you,

For you are always there,

In the corners of my heart and soul.

You have touched the depths of my dark soul

you made me flourish as a warrior

You taught the best war lessons,

for I still, fight myself trying not to run

into the prison of agony where you let go of me

All this just comes to my mind as I take

The Walk….


the state of uncertainity

How it feels to be broken

is a question not

even the broken cant  explain

it is a state of uncertainty

where the perfect flowers

also seems mocking

It is a phase where even a

bright daylight seems to be

burning you

to ashes.

It is where even happiness

seems some sarcastic joke

by life

It is a phase where the

mind goes for a stroll

imagining the unimaginable.

It is a stage in life

where pain is just a word

cause the emotion is


but then it is just a phase

few pass it few hide it

few just stop it

by giving into it.

All in all

it is a lesson in life which everyone

learns in their life at a certain



Cheers to life


Staring into the Abyss

There was a part of life

where everything seemed

as a happy fairy tale

there was a pinch of sadness,

anger, love, care and everything


But along the way

the story got a twist,

the whole world

turned upside down

the once presumed miracle

turned out to be a curse.

The smile from the heart

turned into a masquerade

of happiness.

The cry for all of it to end

was in vain

for life had its own plan

not for the betterment

but for the torment.

Memories were not cherished

rather served as a needle

to poke the wound.

Positivism of life

suddenly turned into

an never ending black hole.

The paper also couldn’t

absorb the  enormous

load of pain.

Loads of paper, bottles of ink,

glasses of alcohol, river of tears

nothing could take away

what was snatched away

from life…

All that was left

was just stare into the

abyss awaiting for all of it

to end scared to jump

worried to stand

just stare into the abyss……


Cheers to life


Ye olde Heart…

As the moon rises in the dark sky

so does the tide of emotions which starts

hitting the shores of the heart

corroding the stones that guard

the brain from these emotional


The strong cringe to the pain

of sorrow begins.

The smiling face suddenly puts on a battle gear

for a battle worst than ever.

Morning light seems forever to come,

as the battle rages into the late night.

tears couldn’t bandage the damage

regret could not ease the pain

anger couldn’t bring back the happiness

prayers couldn’t change the reality.

Gallons of spirit,wouldn’t lift

his spirit.

Density of smoke couldn’t warm

the coldness that had frozen the heart

no amount of running could help

reach the destiny that the heart desired.

Then arose the monster, for

the battle continues for ye olde heart to really

become ye olde heart….

cheers to life




pinch of pain



You still cross my mind

As I breathe.

Every time I tell myself am better off

Without you.

Every time I tell myself

You are happy without me

So let it be.

But deep down inside

I miss you,

Deep down inside my head and heart

You still reside taunting me

Laughing at me saying

I can never be with you ever in this lifetime.

It haunts my present and takes over my future

For life was miserable enough without you

N now your thoughts and memories

Hurt me  they taunt me baby

Come save me baby I need you to save me

for m a weakling when it comes to love ,

you showed me happiness and left along with it.

Let me frown in sadness let no one come to my saving

For I await your arrival

For I want you to come with that smile

Kill me or save me it is up to you

For one sight of your smile

Will soothe my pain.

Smite me down with a sword

Shoot me down with a gun

Kick unto death

Or hang me to death

Oh darling am ready to die

for I do not know anything beyond you.

My knowledge ,my wit, my will

My ego everything crashes as you

Just come across the mind and haunt my


you,baby still are alive inside me

You still are with me mentally

You are my hope when I have no hope

You are my god when I am an atheist

You are my life when death is all I await……

your are the happiness and

my thoughts are the disappointment



cheers to life




Short posts

she asked him ” Why  do you still trust me ?”

He said “because it’s YOU ”

She said ” I love You “, as she was simultaneously plotted the plan to kill him and he said same here babe

There he stood all alone in a crowd of hundred

He was unknown amongst the known

He searched for answers which she dodged

still he tries to find the answer  which was her itself

Even now he is ready to do anything for the one who gave him

everything to hate her for

She cheated and he apologized for her cheating on him

He asked her to show her flaws and she said am loyal unto death as he broke up with someone else and proposed the new one


She asked him what his weakness  is, he said “just look at mirror infront of you” She smiled  and said “idiot its me is it..?” He answered “yes indeed you are”

She smiled and told him ” but am your angel”

he grinned and said “even the devil was once an angel”

She asked him to forget everything bout her and move on,

he replied saying i have survived so long only cause of your memories

She said it does not matter

He replied ” Exactly for you it does not matter, but for me it matters a lot”