Dancing with darkness

As the stage was set with a million light and one spot light the heart started its walk towards the locked doors of the past and knocks; the mind begs for mercy not to open the door, the soul laughs at both. In the end the heart won and the door opens the walk turns into … Continue reading Dancing with darkness


The walk

There is just silence in the lips that you once touched when it spoke of dying. There is just a mess in the head which was once filled thoughts of you and me. The long walks are just no longer reviving, the water touching the feet at the beach no longer is funny. You still … Continue reading The walk

the state of uncertainity

How it feels to be broken is a question not even the broken cant  explain it is a state of uncertainty where the perfect flowers also seems mocking It is a phase where even a bright daylight seems to be burning you to ashes. It is where even happiness seems some sarcastic joke by life … Continue reading the state of uncertainity

Staring into the Abyss

There was a part of life where everything seemed as a happy fairy tale there was a pinch of sadness, anger, love, care and everything nice. But along the way the story got a twist, the whole world turned upside down the once presumed miracle turned out to be a curse. The smile from the … Continue reading Staring into the Abyss

Ye olde Heart…

As the moon rises in the dark sky so does the tide of emotions which starts hitting the shores of the heart corroding the stones that guard the brain from these emotional turmoil. The strong cringe to the pain of sorrow begins. The smiling face suddenly puts on a battle gear for a battle worst … Continue reading Ye olde Heart…

pinch of pain

Disappointment   You still cross my mind As I breathe. Every time I tell myself am better off Without you. Every time I tell myself You are happy without me So let it be. But deep down inside I miss you, Deep down inside my head and heart You still reside taunting me Laughing at … Continue reading pinch of pain

Short posts

she asked him " Why  do you still trust me ?" He said "because it's YOU " She said " I love You ", as she was simultaneously plotted the plan to kill him and he said same here babe There he stood all alone in a crowd of hundred He was unknown amongst the known … Continue reading Short posts