Short Post 16

Beyond pain, beyond despair there lies something, that something is what we deserve and we dream only thing that stops us is us only; may be for good or bad.   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   There is no shame in failures, cause failures teaches what success can never do.   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   Death never really hurts, it … Continue reading Short Post 16


Daily Prompt – Torn

Torn The sails where torn apart by the same wind which sailed the boat creating a wreckage beyond repair and pushing it off to a no mans land. Yet the sail was hopeful that the same wind would one day take the boat ashore to the promised land. Ships cross the barren land seeing the … Continue reading Daily Prompt – Torn

The little dream

As the weekend inches by, sitting beside the window seat at work seeing the cars rush towards their destination to avoid the weekend rush. A sudden thought strikes like a lightening and brings back an old memory, once a dream and still remains the same.   She strikes again, her voice echoes inside the head … Continue reading The little dream

Empire of anger

The kingdom of happiness was destroyed by betrayal, the guardian of peace was left hammered and squandered. All was felt lost, a river of tears flowed like a flood. amidst all the chaos an empire was slowly being built; anger was the general, rage were the soldiers tears were the fuel for energy. Distances were covered, … Continue reading Empire of anger

Ye olde Heart…

As the moon rises in the dark sky so does the tide of emotions which starts hitting the shores of the heart corroding the stones that guard the brain from these emotional turmoil. The strong cringe to the pain of sorrow begins. The smiling face suddenly puts on a battle gear for a battle worst … Continue reading Ye olde Heart…

The darkness

They all met regularly to decide the important decisions of life. Society termed them as evil, dark ,satanic. But it never bothered them to an extent. Their beauty was something dark and only the misfits, the Gothic, the poets saw the beauty behind the beast. For what was a social outcast had found sanctum under … Continue reading The darkness