Staring into the Abyss

There was a part of life where everything seemed as a happy fairy tale there was a pinch of sadness, anger, love, care and everything nice. But along the way the story got a twist, the whole world turned upside down the once presumed miracle turned out to be a curse. The smile from the … Continue reading Staring into the Abyss


Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

Let the heart, ache into an unbearable pain. let the mind, break into a million pieces. For all the memories , for all the laughs let it haunt you to a sleepless day and night. For once you have felt all the pain shed all the tears that flowed like a river. let the walls … Continue reading Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

The last poem I will write for you..! Probably

Oh beautiful ! You were the brightest star in the dark sky called life, Let me for once shed out the pain; fully I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity. but same time i realized forever does exists but in pain. baby remember those escapades those mini trips out of … Continue reading The last poem I will write for you..! Probably

Misplaced in the universe

Misplaced   As the universe expands as the distance between us increases, As one fades away from our memories. As the countless prayers go unanswered, We all realize that we are all misplaced in this world. Some misplaced in time some ┬ámisplaced in memories. Some get lost while some raise from it. But all in … Continue reading Misplaced in the universe

Come find me

Inside the head runs a river of thoughts and feelings for you which is blocked by a dam called "your happiness" There is a reservoir of memories of the days we spent together the purpose of life seems all lost, not for the world does not make sense no longer but for, You were the ocean and … Continue reading Come find me

No, more ….

"I do not need anything from you" so she told as she walked away crushing everything under her feet. And after many springs went away, "I just need one thing, please" she asked as he was trying to gather everything she ┬áhad crushed.   His eyes glittered with hope thinking may be she realized her … Continue reading No, more ….

The highway to somewhere..I guess

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "If You Leave." Life is a circus we like some acts and there are few acts which makes us say "WTF dude..!!". But end of day we have to realize that we are the ones who paid for the ticket and said " lemme enjoy it ...". … Continue reading The highway to somewhere..I guess