Daily Prompt – Torn


The sails where torn apart

by the same wind which sailed the boat

creating a wreckage beyond repair

and pushing it off to a no mans land.

Yet the sail was hopeful that the same wind

would one day take the boat ashore to

the promised land.

Ships cross the barren land seeing the wreckage

and tells the passengers story of how the wind

wrecked the sail boat,

as a story of once a sailor who trusted the wind

and set sail to conquer the sea

but just got tangled in the wind

which was to show him the sea.

Like the torn sail, so was the sailor

torn yet the wind, the wind never escapes his

mind for he still hopes for it to take him to that promised land

which the wind promised.

And without the one who promised the sailor

to be all along the journey…….






When i was a mess

When I was a Mess, you were there

helping me clean up those mess.

When my demons started comin out

you were there to leash them

and keep me sane.

Dont get me wrong

i was all capable to tame those demons but

the way you did I wouldnt master.

But back then i was  a mess…..

It shall all pass…

Sometimes I wish could freeze
time, so I could relive

the moment you lied to me

that you love me.

for the moment is still etched

in my heart and mind

replaying at the depths of my soul in the dark nights

and the brightest day, in the busiest instant of time

to the time I am free as a hawk in the sky.

Wishing and trying to figure out

what made you go rogue on our love

and kill it in the most gruesomest

way possible, damaging me to an extent

that even my best friend could repair,

nor could the hundreds of God could

give redemption from.

In the corners of the road, amongst the thousands

my eyes still searches for you in the real

world as well as the virtual world.

Hoping and dreaming just for a glance

of your beautiful smile

which once brought me to my knees.

Every day I decide to let go, but letting go itself lets go

of my decision.

You were always the damsel who made

me put on my best battle suit to fight on.

And till today I do fight, before it was to win you

now to let you go.

Your love was all that kept me humble and kind

and till date it sure does.

For whenever there is a happy moment it makes

Me doubt the instance .

You were the flower that bloomed

In my desert heart.

Unknowingly things went haywire

Paradise was just burnt to the ground

And u danced amidst the ashes.

The artistic approach to literature

Turned into a monologue of trying

To forget and forgive you.

For you see; words merely try to speak

Out my heart n soul.

You were the chaos I was once

Happy to be with now

All am left with is just the chaos

Which you left me with.

How do I tell that

You still cross my mind

That i still to long to hold your

Hands n walk through rest of

Our life.

You are there yet not there

So is the void that runs in my life

Without you.

May be one day you will come back

Or may be i shall forget you forever.

Either of which am unsure.

But maybe one day……..

It shall all pass.
Cheers to life



Its just you !!!

As the rain of pain, once flooded the field of happiness,

the crop of peace was devastated.

And the farmer couldn’t think of harvesting the crop again,

thus came along another farmer who had been thru similar.

And as the winds of change slowly wooed

the first farmer to plant

seeds of happiness again in his barren heart.

It was she who made him accept the change

for he listened without a rebuttal.

For it was not the crop he cared for, but it was the hope

the energy she brought out of him

which persuaded him

to believe he is still alive n still capable of love.

Little did she know

how greatly she had made an impact on the farmer

n slowly d crop of happiness started growing..

For she was the farmer as well as the rain.

A rain which was needed. Unlike the first rain….


Cheers to life


Ye olde Heart…

As the moon rises in the dark sky

so does the tide of emotions which starts

hitting the shores of the heart

corroding the stones that guard

the brain from these emotional


The strong cringe to the pain

of sorrow begins.

The smiling face suddenly puts on a battle gear

for a battle worst than ever.

Morning light seems forever to come,

as the battle rages into the late night.

tears couldn’t bandage the damage

regret could not ease the pain

anger couldn’t bring back the happiness

prayers couldn’t change the reality.

Gallons of spirit,wouldn’t lift

his spirit.

Density of smoke couldn’t warm

the coldness that had frozen the heart

no amount of running could help

reach the destiny that the heart desired.

Then arose the monster, for

the battle continues for ye olde heart to really

become ye olde heart….

cheers to life




Come find me

Inside the head runs a river

of thoughts and feelings for you

which is blocked by a dam

called “your happiness”

There is a reservoir of memories

of the days we spent together

the purpose of life seems

all lost, not for the world does not make sense

no longer but for,

You were the ocean and i lost my self

in the depths of your innocence and love

now am just a lonely fish,

Hiding in the depths of the ocean

waiting to be found

Death does not scare, but the thought

of leaving behind trauma for the

ones who still care

does scare.

Every night is a futile

storm of wanting to be with you

and trying to forget.

It is in these moments

that even a deadly drink

seems like a possible solution

it is these times that

anger, pain, tears combined

with alcohol makes a deadly combo.

Who am I?, is a question

i ask myself

for i do not know, i only feel the chill.

The coldness of the outside does not affect.

But the regrets inside haunts and burns down

the once peaceful mind.

There seems no hope,

trying to change is just as painful as physical pain

Cause there is no peace inside.

There is just the vast and shallow ocean

as i swim alone waiting

for you to come find me…

or may be just discover the vastness in the state of loudness

of a ever running river if thoughts……


Cheers to life


You heard me…………..

You all heard me crib about a being, about the invisible man and most of the things. Well out of all one of them contacted me…

Well am Speechless rather wordless..:D

Well even though it was kinda rude and insulting conversation it was a happy one

That’s all i can explain i mean literally fell into pool of tears cause she messaged and asked how am i

To get that i mean i know it sounds silly to many but for me its a bg thing. I mean after writing so much bout her hoping that she would read and get back to me atleast to talk and achieving it is a big thing for me.

Funny how one person can change everything for you even when they no longer in ones life.

Huh even though it started off with sarcasm finally got to see her face how she is via DP. It was like finding oasis in desert..:D

I do not have words to explain but ah she is happy without me and that just adds to the joy…

She reached heights in career and ah good for her even though it made me feel down saying may be i couldnt help her still she made it to the top and at a very young.. well best of luck DAF……

Love you even now…

I do not have words to explain so here is a virtually hug ..:D be happy always and keep growing