There is no inspiration…

There is no inspiration for the soul lost to be found. For the journey ,onto the path to be found, itself is an inspiration in itself. When the pain, the anger, the frustration just add up to "Inspiration", it is subtle. The existence of oneself is questioned. The answers do not show up clear the … Continue reading There is no inspiration…


the state of uncertainity

How it feels to be broken is a question not even the broken cant  explain it is a state of uncertainty where the perfect flowers also seems mocking It is a phase where even a bright daylight seems to be burning you to ashes. It is where even happiness seems some sarcastic joke by life … Continue reading the state of uncertainity

The faking truth

Fake Closet There exists a closet where the darkest secrets and the truest feelings hide. It is locked and guarded by  guardians called pain and anger. There exists a fake persona who smiles, who laughs who gives an outward presentable appearance just to keep the guards: anger and pain at bay and not create the … Continue reading The faking truth

short post #10

The fine thin line was crossed and that was it, the point of no return, and there was paradise.... Not materialistic but realistic. She asked "who are you..?" and he replied "someone who knows himself" She was confused and he said "Now i know who you are..!!! wake up" The light scares me for i … Continue reading short post #10

Trick me ..

  Oh pretty lady, you have clearly got my eyes on u  attention wise. But darling can you seduce me with your intelligence. For your beauty shall fade one day but your knowledge shall always increase as we grow old. Can you impress me with your eyes really open. Can you show me how much of … Continue reading Trick me ..