There is no inspiration…

There is no inspiration

for the soul lost to be found.

For the journey ,onto

the path to be found, itself

is an inspiration in itself.

When the pain, the anger, the frustration

just add up to “Inspiration”, it is subtle.

The existence of oneself is questioned.

The answers do not show up clear

the confusions dances and

the frustration just sings the loudest music.

This is an existential question

that flutters inside

slowly killing the living

as they push thru life.



the state of uncertainity

How it feels to be broken

is a question not

even the broken cant  explain

it is a state of uncertainty

where the perfect flowers

also seems mocking

It is a phase where even a

bright daylight seems to be

burning you

to ashes.

It is where even happiness

seems some sarcastic joke

by life

It is a phase where the

mind goes for a stroll

imagining the unimaginable.

It is a stage in life

where pain is just a word

cause the emotion is


but then it is just a phase

few pass it few hide it

few just stop it

by giving into it.

All in all

it is a lesson in life which everyone

learns in their life at a certain



Cheers to life




The word which always confused the mind and heart in an amazingly weird way.

What is solitude ? is it the separation from society and be one with thoughts and oneself. Or is it something else.

The state of total awareness I assume is solitude where one is one with his thoughts and can feel the words, sense the pain and tries to correct in a way. May be its my perspective.

Solitude they say is a dangerous trait , yes it is for when one becomes aware of thought process and starts to think rather than judging it is an dangerous trait for the sheep laugh at the knowledge of the wolf.

solitude all in all is a self realization tool for the silence of the mouth is balanced by the loudness the mind.

As everyone wants to change the world or self but a few take the step towards it, and solitude is one of the way to reach that goal.

It is standing out of the crowd and thinking by yourself and analyzing the information and then deciding the truth.

Solitude is a journey few chose and few are forced to take, for the noise outside can disturb the peace inside.

When one realizes nobody can save him other than himself that is when the actual state of solitude starts and one begins a journey into the darkness, a darkness worth getting lost in, a darkness worth being lurking around.

Solitude can be dangerous for when one realizes the potential hidden inside oneself it gives him the strength to block fellow beings emotions which is good in a way but the risk of losing humanity is always there for the sense of being happy with oneself is good if the touch of selfishness is not mixed into it.

But we as humans are selfish and sometimes its good to be selfish for the world at times needs an mirror to show the image of society. The world no longer needs a hero all it needs an monster to blame on and be the part of the heroic society.

truth be told solitude is simple being aware of the good bad and the ugly and still chose to be silent and not react towards any.




Cheers to life



The faking truth




There exists a closet where the darkest secrets

and the truest feelings hide.

It is locked and guarded by  guardians called

pain and anger.

There exists a fake persona

who smiles, who laughs

who gives an outward presentable


just to keep the guards: anger and pain

at bay and not create the chaos

on the outside.

The world may call it being fake

But in reality it is just

bearing owns weight

not passing it on to others.

For, it may be insignificant

to the world;

which may be the world to self.

The numbness inside the closet

hidden and drenched in control.

May it seem fake,

but for what it is worth,

let it remain as a fake smile

a fake happiness

a fake life….

For the world may be a chaos

if anger coupled with pain comes out of the closet …


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Cheers to life




short post #10

The fine thin line was crossed and that was it, the point of no return, and there was paradise…. Not materialistic but realistic.

She asked “who are you..?” and he replied “someone who knows himself”

She was confused and he said “Now i know who you are..!!! wake up”

The light scares me for i can see the real faces of fellow beings and all they are all the same, but darkness that is where these people hide and sleep away and that is my heaven.

Failure is just an illusion to put a person down ,once the illusion is broken there exists success just awaiting to be embraced and ruled over.

Hope was shattered, faith was shaken, but one thing remained and that was yourself.

View is not blurred by tears but they blurred by the ones who caused the tears.

As she counted the countless happy moments with her new soul mate, her old mate stood doing the same but  with that with past.

And as he found his new soul mate , she doubted his intentions and his past predominated his future with her in her mind.





Be the greatest

“Imma show you, how great I am.
Last night, I cut the light off in my bedroom and was in bed before the room was dark.
Imma show you, how great I am.
Only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick.
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.
Imma show you, how great I am.
This kd’s gonna be the best kid in the world.
This kid’s gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew.
Imma show you, how great I am.
I have wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lightnin’, thrown thunder in jail.
Imma show you, how great I am.
All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you.
I know you got him, I know you’ve got him picked, but the man’s in trouble. Imma show you how great I am.”

The above is a speech given by Mohammed ali,one of the greatest boxer .


Just reading it makes me think waav i mean waav one may say its egoistic or over confident  but lets see it the other way around when the whole world says that you are an underdog when the whole whole disbelieves in you, that is when you motivate yourself. You swim throw the hardship you cut through the pain.

Belief in yourself is all that matters, it gives you the audacity to walk upto anyone and “yes, i am the greatest” cause you did it .Be phenomenal, fucking do not die a normal death,  be a legacy. Do not let the incompetence of others to value you be the reality of you.

Learn the art of fighting alone learn the art of mastering yourself mentally emotionally learn to be the greatest no matter what you do it with pride in it may it be eating a burger or may it saving a life, be the greatest.

Do not fear the approval rates of others you want it go it,  no one has the fucking right to say what how you should live your life. remember there can be only winner in a battle.

Be what you are be make it classy, be the best of the best. Do not settle do not stop hustling be like the wolf, it can hunt in  a pack same time it can hunt alone. Be the alpha , do not settle for beta or anything. Be confident bout yourself. Fight the tears, persevere through pain, let every drop sweat be your fuel towards greatness. How much we value ourself matters more than how much others value us. For they see you thru their perception, do not let the perception of others be your life.

We are strong as our thoughts are yes there shall be bad moments yes they shall be disappointments yes there will be pain, feel it accept it then bloody start moving do not settle. Overcome the fear, over come the impossible shoot for the stars , if not the  moon atleast if you do not reach there you will atleast learn to fly

Do not give your self the option of losing or giving. Give yourself a goal, a target of being the winner. Do not give up on yourself, trust yourself, you may be called selfish you may be called a day dreamer, that is fine your goal in life is to be the greatest, to be a legacy DO not live a normal life. Seek and search people who think like you. They say necessity is the mother of invention, let winning be your necessity

Yes you may get depressed yes you may get suicidal thoughts yes you feel over burdened yes you may feel disappointed That is ok do not worry it is human nature, but when it comes to winning be phenomenal. Make success your goal make legacy your friend.

Life may push you to hell, it may give you pain life may fucking make your whole life dark, so do not stop make it your ally rule hell, use the darkness, motivate yourself from pain. Let all hell break lose do not worry stand your stance, for what life made you pay the price make sure get something worthy out of the suffering.

Pain is temporary, glory is forever. Do not settle do not be a fucking content person hustle hustle hustle cause everyone lives a ordinary life, be one of elite be sensational, be freaking awesome.

For once we die we  shall be remembered for how we lived so make it a story worth being told to generation. Do not fear death do not fear failure. Fear only of dying a normal death.

Be a freaking yourself not some famous guy be you make a name for yourself.

Challenge yourself dream big and action accordingly to achieve it. There are enough of people among us to tell that we cannot do something, do not join that band wagon, sometimes being brave is just believing in yourself.

Sacrificing temporary pleasures will not kill you, yes you may be outcasted so be it if it means that you get to live a kings life tomo why not ..?. Be different be powerful be what you wanna be and whatever it is just freaking make it for you are the creator of your destiny not god not your parents not your lover not your partner, its you and only you….

Leave a legacy leave a story  worth telling be freaking phenomenal. Be the greatest.



Image courtesy google.


cheers to life




Trick me ..



Oh pretty lady, you have clearly

got my eyes on u  attention wise.

But darling can you seduce me with your intelligence.

For your beauty shall fade one day but your knowledge shall always increase as we grow old.

Can you impress me with your eyes really open.

Can you show me how much of a clear vision you possess.

keep me busy with talks bout the universe

stalk me with topic of real substance.

Show me your thinking capacity

using words which can give me a grammatical orgasm.

Oh darling i am not gonna chase you

but you can make me by just showing me the ability of being you

without being materialistic.

I do not wanna see your make up filled face

I wanna see a content face fir being one self

Show me your soul cause i wanna see how you feel

Fight with me intellectually more often.

Prove me wrong with facts and figures.

Make me think and baby i promise

you will not have to even think bout losing me

for i shall be yours forever.

seduce me with intellect baby.


Don give me cock and bull stories

don quote me romeo Juliet.

Quote me Einstein, hitchens and modern thinkers.

Don ask me a love story like that of written by Shakespeare

All i can give you is a love like that off  Marie  and Pierre Curie.

Oh baby am not your regular guy;

your body your beauty does not matter to me

All that matters to me is how smart you are

how helpful you are in my thought process.

I promise you i shall help you grow too.

Am not your regular romantic.

Baby seduce me with your intellect and not your body.

When in despair baby i will be helping hand

i shall not turn away and say its all gods plan

Before you can even set foot into my heart and mind

oh darling be aware i do not fear god for he is imaginary to me.

I do not believe in many of the crowd following BS.

So darling if you can match the frequency or if you can

be my catalyst to the process called life then

seduce me with your intellect baby.

I promise you i will not change you

i will be there for you.

There wont be romantic getaways.

There shall only be charismatic

slipways into nature, into mountains and forests.

I will help you see yourself and make you

love your self more.But baby you need to seduce

me with your intellect.

Once you have done that

you shall be getting everything

love deeper than the depths of the universe.

Emotions and feelings stronger than chemical bonds.

All you need to do is show me you are worth every sec of my life baby

so seduce me with your intellect.


Cheers to life