Decoding the song for a friend….

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering. – Paul coelho


Songs at times have a deeper meaning and touch our heart & soul and make us feel that the lyrics are so true. Here is an attempt to decode a hindi song from movie  – Kaliyug for a friend. So here goes as you asked

Juda hoke bhi… tu mujhme kahi baki hainnn…
Palkome banke aaansooOn… tu chali aati haiii

Juda hoke bhiii

The starting lines its self are so simple yet so powerful in expressing the pain the  tormenting pain the guy is going thru who is missing his lover. The lines roughly translates into even though you have parted ways with me, i still feel you within me. You come out in the form of tears  whenever i miss you.

Sometimes we wonder how do these song writers come with such painful words of showcasing the truth. And we find comfort that there are people in the world who are going through the same situation as us.

Coming back to the song, he first lines itself can break a broken heart further more. It shows how attached a person is for the other person. It shows how the guy is seeing her within him even though she has parted ways with him. It shows his struggle to over the painful transition of living life all alone without the one who might have shown the guy a dream of a future together where she would be with him in his good and bad times. But in the end he never got to be with her. Instead he feels her presence through tears. Her memories are with him and haunts him and he feels her presence i n him through those memories. People only show the bright side of love; only those who have lost love know the pain and the value of it. Love is somewhat like a sweet poison. If you hold on to it, it kills you. The pain of love is portrayed in this song.


The next lines are aise zinda hoon aay zindagi

Bin tere meinnn…
Dard hi dard baki raHaAn hai
SeEneEy meinnn…

Saans lena barhir yahan
Jeena nahi haiii…
Ab to aadat si hai mujhKOoo
Aise jineEy meinnn…

Here it shows how the broken-hearted chap is surviving life. Loosely translated as without you in my life i have nothing but pain in my heart even though i breathe i have no intention of living. Its become a habit to live a life of pain like this.

The next lines are

Saat mere hai tuu hur pal
Shabke andhere meinnn…
Paas mere hai tu hur dumm
Ujhle sawaAreEy meinnn…

Dil se dhadkan bhuladena
Aasaan nahii hainnn

Ab to aadat si hai mujhKOoo
Aise jiney meinnnn…

Meaning you are there with me in darkness and light. It is  not possible for the heart beat to stop and yet the heart to work. You are my heart beat. My life has become like this and this has become a habit to live a life of pain like this.

To summarise the whole song; it explains the cry of the guy for his girl. He explains how he needs her for she is his heart beat his breath his line itself. And without her it’s like expecting the heart to work without the beat, the body to breathe without breath. When we get close to someone and get into a relationship this is the part of the pain one encounters when left alone. We fall in love believing that it will last till the end and we build up our hopes and aspirations. Even the most intelligent or practical thinker slips away into a dreamy world.

Love is pain no one shows it for the world is brainwashed into believing that pain is to be suffered alone and not shown.  We make a habit to suppress and live a life of pain silently killing us every min every day. Yet we want it for some wild reason. We feel we are attached to that person for a lifetime because that person touched our heart and soul.

The sacrifices we made at one point haunt us. The promises our unfaithful partners gave haunt us. Life is not only about seeing the positives sometimes we need to look at the negative as well and not turn a blind eye to it.

No matter who says what always remember we need to acknowledge the bad things and fight it n not ignore it. For remember anyone can be happy, think positive etc when their life is a smooth sail.  The real capability of an individual comes when he is down.

Fight for love but do not forget that your life is much more worth living for.

Hope you find it worthwhile my friend i usually do not write on the songs cause it leads to lot of sleepless nights. So this is a favour am doing and hope this inspires to come to the world of blogging

Cheers to life




Our society run by insane people for insane objectives – John Lennon


Society as we all know consists of people;but every few  realize that oneself is also part of it. Why i say this is because imagine a situation where you tell your friend bout something which the masses do not follow and you wanna expose it. Am sure everyone would have got an answer saying its BS and society will not accept it.

ok let me give  an example; few years back i told my friend bout me thinking of giving up religion. I gave my reasons logically; however my friend was not convinced his reply was like others saying”what will society think about you…?”

Now that kind off made me think saying i have heard this BS reason many times saying society, people etc. How can any sane person buy that kind of rubbish. Every human is an integral part of the society. Why don’t people believe in the value of themselves in it. When few of the idiots can say they represent huge section of society; why don’t the one’s who disagree with them stand up.. The silence of the mass enables the noise of the few. We blame each other for not being able to bring bout the change. When we really think logically each one of us are responsible. Because we chose silence since we did not want “society” blacklisting us.

As i have seen many of us have a certain point of view in many things of the world but we do not scared thinking the other person may label him as anti society so what happens is everyone thinks that the other person will think wrong bout him.

Why is it so hard for people to say what they feel is wrong morally or intellectually. When we are a part of the society we still act as if we are an outsider. And when someone rises above this social Totalitarianism; even though we agree with the one who raised his voice we still keep quite cause “society ” is watching. Well i say its total bullshit of the highest order.

images (1)

We have the power to change the world; we know what is wrong what is right, we know we should object every wrong doing; but we do not cause we feel we are being watched.

Example again; ah lets say one believes that atheist, gays, LGBT,the downtrodden should be given their say in society; but the insane few will say no, and the masses shun their voice and support the few who control the many.

Our society is specifically like a fake smile. When a few daring ones tries to change it we either banish him as an outsider or try to shun him out. And few give up and few fight harder and make sure their voice is heard.

In conclusion; i would like to say that do not be afraid to voice out if any thing wrong is happening in front of you. When people say society is just like this; rebound saying no i as an individual i too have my right to make my voice be heard. And this my way of trying to be the change by voicing out against the hypocrisy against the thoughtless.

Do not follow the blind followers, be the rebel, be the change, be a human.


Cheers to life