Mummy ……

The most peaceful place in the world is said to be a mothers lap. It can sooth one to sleep whilst any tension. It can bring a smile even when its hard to look up.
A mother knows it all mo matter how old we get to a mother we still are her babies.
Funny is it not we may be no matter how old we get no matter how far we get from her but when in pain we cry out sayin mummy.
Mummy, amma, mai, different language but one emotion. She is the one whom we can back on. She sees us growing up n gettin far yet she still finds happiness in our success whether we remember her or not. She silently prays for us no matter what. She still will stay up waiting for us to reach home n serve food. She is ready to eat leftover’s but will serve fresh food to us.
No matter how far we go when we sad she will always be there
Life sometimes gets so rough that one asks , mummy can i go back onto your womb cause a mother will go to any extent to protect her child.
Mothers love is unconditionally divine, we may leave her hand but she shall always stand behind us

Mummy miss u 😩

Cheers to life



The unsent letters…..#2

Dear past, this is regarding the times i felt it was too good to be true situation.
When i sit beside you watchin the sunset at the beach, the wind blowing n making your hair flutter like the wings of the butterfly and you slowly set it back smiling gracefully and i just think is it really me who is sittin beside you, it makes me feel insecure thinking that damn will i really get to marry this angel.
Huh when i ask you the same you say yes but trust me inside my heart the insecurity is at its peak.
Everyone says that how in the world did a easy going guy like you end up with such a pretty gal like you, and i jus say i feel in love with the person and not the beauty.
Is it too good to be true, huh i never knew i would get to spend time with such a wonderful person. Your smile makes me forget all that am worried bout, its gives me faith hope and strength. Its not too much to tell but you are my strength my weakness for you are my everything. Touch wood its going on well till date hope it remains so forever😃 cause my smile is dependent on your smile and your company😄
The world may deprive me of anything but i wont let it tke away you from me.
The silent waves of ocean the wind the people the sky the world altogether i forget when am beside you and make me think . Dear god is it too good to be true

Cheers to life


Waiting for the impossible…..

What if, i wish , if it was, these are the few ifs of every individual in his life time. Everyone will have some or the other unfulfilled dreams in mind n heart. Some are possibly achievable while others are impossible. Well lets catch hold of the impossible ones…
Let no human be sick or poor or die.. Well thats definitely impossible wish cause it will automatically create imbalance in natural order right.. Huh well lets keep the side effects at bay and think more on the wish well its truly a wish with good faith. I can pray life long yet not achieve it huh so what , what next ain’t it frustrating to jus have this wish inside you fir which you pray day n nite yet your prayers ain’t heard well thats ok cause u at least tried which most people don do… Yes try try who knows one fine day the impossible mite turn into reality…
There is no harm in tryin people may mock or laugh at u but don give up jus cause people don believe in u n your idea. Remember people mocked n killed Galileo when he propagated that the earth is round. Jus cause few dimwitted fools don believe in u doesn’t mean it is not possible for the impossible to happen
Have faith in yourself have faith in what ever i believe in believe in your intuition believe in your dream …. Cause dreams are the blue print for reality provided you stick wit it……
Well it may be painful or shameful but if you find it to be worth it then bear it all cause not all are born to stand outside the crowd. Wait for the impossible if you can and watch the magic unfold …
And remember anything is possible
Cheers to life


The unsent letters….#1

My dear past,These are the few things which i wanted to tell but couldn’t. Even though now its too late here is a try ….


The sun has set and the moon has risen with  family of stars illuminating the sky just like how your eyes brighten my day.The birds has flocked towards there nest and here i am awaiting for you.

The sunset always reminds me of you no matter how busy i might be. The silent waves of the oceans tells me how my mind is waiting to see you shine high in the sky That is my dream to see you shine as i reflect your success as a reflection and be satisfied with it cause am the ocean i get nasty at times and swallow down the biggest of matter and you are the  moon who controls my low and high tides of life See how we are matching with each other, But the sad part is i can see you only from afar as i cannot reach the sky where you shine i try to hit high waves still i cannot reach if i try more i might end up hurting the ones on my shore but yes that does not stop me from dreaming of you.

I know you are the single entity for this world and yet you have so many stars beside you and yes it scares me that one day some star may take you away from me. But thats ok cause i am just an ocean who is rough and unpredictable and filled with anger and frustrations where as you are the the queen of calmness. But you should know that you have the power to calm me or anger me whether you like it or not. You are white as milk and blue as a blue berry. i am vast yet no one likes me, you are so small yet everyone likes you from a newborn baby to a old person .

despite all the insecurities if you look inside me you will find the lost treasures of the world. Which only few have gotten hold off.  I look forward to seeing you everyday every min every sec. I have not seen you dark side but still i do not care for i see only the shiny nature in you and not the imperfections. I am ready to evaporate my self and become a cloud and revolve around you every day and protect you and cover you when ever you want me too. I can become thin air if it means i can get to be with you.

I am ready to become the hawk and fly every night just to get a glimpse of you. I am ready to be the dying star so that i can shoot infront of u and get a closer look at you. I am ready to the cool breeze so that i can coll you when you are angry. All these are my thoughts from heart and not the mind so theortically it  may or may not make sense so don read it from the head read it from your heart and may be then you will get to know how deep it is as the depths of the oceans, as rich as the unexplored treasures if the ocean.

you are the  moon and i am the werewolf who awaits your light to bring out the real me.

You are the moon and i am the waves of ocean who touches the land because of you.

You are the moon and i am the ocean who shines at nit because of your reflection.

You are the moon and i am the cloud tryin to touch you.

You are the moon and i am the heartless monster looking for redemption in your moonlight.

You are the moon and i am a normal person looking for happiness just by lookin at you afar……..

you are the moon even everyone see’s you for me you are mine forever even if you are with thousands of stars around you.

You are the moon and you are the reason for my smile even at the darkest hours of my life..some day will be together like the eclipse day.

Cheers to life


De derailed journey

Life’s a journey to be enjoyed they say, but what do u do when the journey turns onto a nightmare or unpleasant trip. Do we hang on to it? Do we stop the journey? Or do we just let it be.

Well when one person is in that situation u just cant think straight nor will one be listening to advice of others. Thats ok cause we are human at the end of day. So savor that moment n feel the emotion its ok to be lost its ok not to know things its ok to be scared. Being messed doesn’t mean there is no hope it just means you are human☺️ so enjoy every single phase even when the journey is bad.

When life’s journey gets derailed don
panic just hold on n have faith in what ever u believe in😎👍

Cheers to life


A surprising day

They say the world is small n that we meet the same people at some corner of world. Well its true!!! It was another boring sunny day n i was having me usual puff of smoke all by my self n there he is calling my name huh am like wtf who is dis guy 😒 n he intro’s himself sayin am so n so

Well since i have no interest in that person so let me get back to the main topic that is world is so small.

Sometimes we tell people that hope we never meet again but fate or destiny or whatever makes dem meet at one point again. Well that gives a nostalgic moment where our past life flashes by us. Life is simple n short so never leave a bad impression on anyone’s life since we are bound to meet that person again. Let it be simple people treat everyone how u would like to be get treated.

Cheers to life

Shot by my own….

The cool breeze from my window just hit me as i was tryin to sleep and land into my promised land i.e dreamland. So here i am with one more thought…

My elders always used to tell me saying in the end its not the unknown people who hurt, instead its from people whom we thought are our own. Well it was long time backs so never so importance to it, but as life went on and suddenly realize yes its true.

Its surprising how we can be get ripped by the ones whom we believed to be our comrades. Well its life i suppose. But what do you do when it just makes you feel sad well honestly make it a point to just take it positively.. well its not that you were naive its just that you gave that person a position in life which no one else could get.  Sometimes the pain will make you do things which you never wanted to do and thats ok cause its a process in life which one has to go through.

Well am not smart enough to provide a solution for it but yes all i can say is, YOU stood by someone who was may be not upto your expectation. Does it mean it gives you the right to become one of THEM, hell no… don be a cheater cause some one cheated on u, don be a ass cause some was treating you like one..

Stand out of the crowd stop with the crap saying world is bad place and we need to be bad also, its all bullshit. Stand for what you as an individual believe in. Remember a flock of sheep flocks together not a tiger.

People might laugh or demotivate you but thats ok cause they are just the flock of sheep.

Just cause you were shot by your own doesnt mean you also become a shooter….

Live life the right way cause end of the day There can be only one winner…

Cheers to life