One way ticket to hell

Heaven and hell, the two places where a human apparently goes after death based on his deeds while alive. The place which no one has seen in there life time but only described in holy books and interpreted in many ways by different people. This just makes me think most of people act good for … Continue reading One way ticket to hell


Be a rebel…..

Its fifteen past two.... most of the people are sleeping nicely in their comfy bed waking up to the same old things they do and yet they are ok with it. I always wondered how do people suck up to things they do not even like to do, society calls its being strong, but honestly … Continue reading Be a rebel…..

Funny fake people…..

Such a cheap place, its too hot here, india is so poor in terms of infrastructure. well these wre the lines which i used to hear from few frnds of mine when they used to come on vacation to india from there work country. This was before i saw the actual side of their argument … Continue reading Funny fake people…..

The unsent letters…..#2

Dear past, this is regarding the times i felt it was too good to be true situation. When i sit beside you watchin the sunset at the beach, the wind blowing n making your hair flutter like the wings of the butterfly and you slowly set it back smiling gracefully and i just think is … Continue reading The unsent letters…..#2