Short post 15

Redemption and suffering both is within us. It’s just upon the heart to let the mind chose


The truth sets you free, when the one who needs the truth accepts the truth

otherwise it shall only be a taunting little memory etched in the head.


There is no shame in accepting that one is flawed,

shame is when you know you are flawed and yet hide it behind

words and illusion.



only you can live your life not anyone else

so why stress about what others think for

you shall and will be your own guardian



Beyond the boundaries of societies beyond the realm of limitations

lies humanity sober, clean and guarded by conscience which is

pure as the smile of infant.



Amidst the darkness lies a calmness, a solitude , a calling

which only the broken can see and bear

for not all heroes are born to save the world wearing cape

some are heroes save the world just by taming the devil

inside of them, in the darkness


When u spot the smile in the ally of memories

when you see the tears in the corners of the mind palace

just remember that both happiness and sadness are illusions


One does not a god for saving, what one needs is confidence upon oneself

for victory favors the brave, and the brave have trust upon themselves

and not any invisible entity


Everyday can be a battle when you come back from a war,

for war exposes you to certain treacherous phases

that it can create havoc in the mind and can errupt

anytime, not all wars are fought between countries

few war are fought between reality and illusion





It shall all pass…

Sometimes I wish could freeze
time, so I could relive

the moment you lied to me

that you love me.

for the moment is still etched

in my heart and mind

replaying at the depths of my soul in the dark nights

and the brightest day, in the busiest instant of time

to the time I am free as a hawk in the sky.

Wishing and trying to figure out

what made you go rogue on our love

and kill it in the most gruesomest

way possible, damaging me to an extent

that even my best friend could repair,

nor could the hundreds of God could

give redemption from.

In the corners of the road, amongst the thousands

my eyes still searches for you in the real

world as well as the virtual world.

Hoping and dreaming just for a glance

of your beautiful smile

which once brought me to my knees.

Every day I decide to let go, but letting go itself lets go

of my decision.

You were always the damsel who made

me put on my best battle suit to fight on.

And till today I do fight, before it was to win you

now to let you go.

Your love was all that kept me humble and kind

and till date it sure does.

For whenever there is a happy moment it makes

Me doubt the instance .

You were the flower that bloomed

In my desert heart.

Unknowingly things went haywire

Paradise was just burnt to the ground

And u danced amidst the ashes.

The artistic approach to literature

Turned into a monologue of trying

To forget and forgive you.

For you see; words merely try to speak

Out my heart n soul.

You were the chaos I was once

Happy to be with now

All am left with is just the chaos

Which you left me with.

How do I tell that

You still cross my mind

That i still to long to hold your

Hands n walk through rest of

Our life.

You are there yet not there

So is the void that runs in my life

Without you.

May be one day you will come back

Or may be i shall forget you forever.

Either of which am unsure.

But maybe one day……..

It shall all pass.
Cheers to life



Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

Let the heart, ache into an unbearable pain.

let the mind, break into a million pieces.

For all the memories , for all the laughs

let it haunt you to a sleepless day and night.

For once you have felt all the pain

shed all the tears that flowed like a river.

let the walls be raised around your heart

let the brain be protected by logic forget the magic.

let all the past experience

be a teacher rather than a  master of future.

Let pain be the motivation

let the million pieces become

bricks to rebuild, rewire, re engineer

yourself into the beast mode.

Unbreakable, unshakable.

Let the beast inside roar

with honor and pride

for the battle it has fought….

so let the heart, ache and the mind ,break……

Cheers to Life




Short Posts #11

Fear is the enemy, not the hurdles, not the words, not the world.

But fear.

There exists an unknown within us, waiting to be known.

Regardless of “who” we are,”where” we are, “how “we are.

Somewhere between, ‘the world is like shit’ and ‘I want the world to be like this’, a hope, a dream, a motivation is born called change.

Value is not predetermined, it is created.

Hope is not induced, it is born

Fighting back does not necessarily mean standing up to someone; it also means using the odds to make you strong. It’s choosing your battle wisely at the right time, at the right moment for one single effective punch.

When the “WHY” is stronger than the “HOW”, success is just a simple journey.

A wise man can even learn from the stupidest people. For everyone is a teacher we just need to look for the lesson we can use.

When others do not have belief in you that’s when you need to have more confidence in you. For the road to be phenomenal can be a lonely one but in the end of the journey there will be no shortage for cheerleaders to bloat bout your success.

Whoever says that you can’t do something in life are the ones who couldn’t do for the reason that someone else told them the same. Break the chain. Be the change.

Cheers to life



short post #10

The fine thin line was crossed and that was it, the point of no return, and there was paradise…. Not materialistic but realistic.

She asked “who are you..?” and he replied “someone who knows himself”

She was confused and he said “Now i know who you are..!!! wake up”

The light scares me for i can see the real faces of fellow beings and all they are all the same, but darkness that is where these people hide and sleep away and that is my heaven.

Failure is just an illusion to put a person down ,once the illusion is broken there exists success just awaiting to be embraced and ruled over.

Hope was shattered, faith was shaken, but one thing remained and that was yourself.

View is not blurred by tears but they blurred by the ones who caused the tears.

As she counted the countless happy moments with her new soul mate, her old mate stood doing the same but  with that with past.

And as he found his new soul mate , she doubted his intentions and his past predominated his future with her in her mind.




Short Posts #8

Beauty laughed at wisdom at youth age,

wisdom ignored beauty at old age…..

While life and death just smiled and said “we played you well.”

As the illusion of fairy tale ending ended, real life started to help create

stories worth of being told to generation to come

As he stood still time went on without even turning back,

Money went looted,  fellow beings went afar

age caught up along with time,

finally time did come back but inform him his time was up

In between life and death, living played a play worth a play yet only few played it right

for the realization of death was accepted only by a few

The illusion of limit was shredded as the illusion of forever was limited to a lifetime

He chained his inner demon not for the fear of destruction of his world

but for the protection of the world he dearly loved.

Beauty laughed at wisdom at youth age,

wisdom ignored beauty at old age…..

While life and death just smiled and said “we played you well.”

As life smiled at death and said “people adore me and hate you”

Death just grinned and said ” you will eventually end up making me hero soon”.

For life messed it up eventually….

As the two danced under the starry night

the moon ran away to hide behind the clouds

for he was sad that people say they would get him for their loved ones

yet none did take him

and then there were these two who danced under without noticing him

for they saw a glow in each other and brought each other close to themselves.

Cheers to life






Solitude in the crowd.



The crowd always is a good place to get your thoughts to run wild cause every individual you see can ignite an thought to think on and provoke your inner demon /angel/philosopher.

Solitude necessarily does not mean to be seluded from the crowd, we can be in solitude even in the crowd. Physically we can be at a place but mentally we can go around the world so being in a lonely place is not needed. The nonsense chatter of people which does not interest you can be avoided or can be taken as a case study itself, life is all about learning from everyone everywhere.

The best part of being in solitude in a crowd is you can laugh at the dilemma’s and see the ironies face the hostility learn people management even multi tasking…

What does solitude give that socializing does not give; well its entirely dependent on ones perception. Why love solitude when one can have so much “fun” with people around. Well the answer is people, yes people themselves push other beings to like solitude for every individual will have a in his own thought process and from a young age we are thought to adjust t o the society and live; well most of the people do it but then there are the rebels who do not go by the rules. Now in these rebels exist the solitude lovers.

So what does a solitude loving person do..??? Plot world domination, plan on how to rob a bank, plan on creating a weapon of mass destruction.. fuck no.. he just sits there reading a book writing a book or thinking on a topic and self debating on it.

Why does one do all this in solitude, well if i say lets talk bout the molecular structure of diamond am sure most of crowd would go WTF..!!! ok lets go for a simpler example suppose i say lets talk bout the universe lets have a deep thought provoking conversation most of the people would go bonkers and laugh so the solitude to think what ever one wants.

Solitude and loneliness are two different things confused to be same. Loneliness is something one would hate while solitude is something one loves. Solitude is similar to creating a parallel universe inside ones head to think to debate to invent.

Attaining solitude while in a crowd can be a uphill task reason being the people around you might be talking and may demand a response from you while you are deep in thought. But those who can master the art honestly you can reach new heights cause personally i tried to do it but was disturbed amidst thinking on something.

its okay to enjoy one’s own company cause it makes you aware of who one truly is, it helps you think on topic which others may find boring, it helps you increase your thirst for knowledge. Its a golden key to enlighten


cheers to life