A2Z-BADGE [2016]


He had no Armour, no swords nor chains.

All he had was fighting spirit

even when there was no hope.

His soul searched for redemption

from the doings of the past.

His only weapon was the fighting spirit within.

His enemies were memories and mockery.

His battle were silent, a battle of thoughts, emotions.

Cheers to life




DA2Z-BADGE [2016]

Whoa.. D my favorite letter in the english alphabet..!!! So guess this may be a long post..

So D this is for you if you ever read it …

D stood for destiny as i saw you

dancing under the clear sky

as if no one watched

You were the destiny i never dreamed off

yet you became my dream

The things we did together

will remain drenched with pain

in my heart and soul

For destiny turned into death.

Only after you left did

i realize that there is death involved in destiny.

i begged you not to walk away D

But you walked, as you walked

you stepped on my heart and soul

like a piece of paper

Destined dream was shattered.

Fought as much as i could for you to stay

but destiny had played its game

and you had played your role.

As the years passed by

destiny still haunts me

you reside in my deepest fear

fear of seeing you hurt by the one you went behind

fear of you hurting me again over n over

destiny failed definitively for you were mine

for a while and i was yours and still am.

Oh D you unleashed the Pandora’s box inside me

as you quit on me on my weak days

Oh deadly destined dream why do i still

dream of you knowing you are my death angel,

is it love or is it just a destined destiny ….


cheers to life


short post #10

The fine thin line was crossed and that was it, the point of no return, and there was paradise…. Not materialistic but realistic.

She asked “who are you..?” and he replied “someone who knows himself”

She was confused and he said “Now i know who you are..!!! wake up”

The light scares me for i can see the real faces of fellow beings and all they are all the same, but darkness that is where these people hide and sleep away and that is my heaven.

Failure is just an illusion to put a person down ,once the illusion is broken there exists success just awaiting to be embraced and ruled over.

Hope was shattered, faith was shaken, but one thing remained and that was yourself.

View is not blurred by tears but they blurred by the ones who caused the tears.

As she counted the countless happy moments with her new soul mate, her old mate stood doing the same but  with that with past.

And as he found his new soul mate , she doubted his intentions and his past predominated his future with her in her mind.




Solitude in the crowd.



The crowd always is a good place to get your thoughts to run wild cause every individual you see can ignite an thought to think on and provoke your inner demon /angel/philosopher.

Solitude necessarily does not mean to be seluded from the crowd, we can be in solitude even in the crowd. Physically we can be at a place but mentally we can go around the world so being in a lonely place is not needed. The nonsense chatter of people which does not interest you can be avoided or can be taken as a case study itself, life is all about learning from everyone everywhere.

The best part of being in solitude in a crowd is you can laugh at the dilemma’s and see the ironies face the hostility learn people management even multi tasking…

What does solitude give that socializing does not give; well its entirely dependent on ones perception. Why love solitude when one can have so much “fun” with people around. Well the answer is people, yes people themselves push other beings to like solitude for every individual will have a in his own thought process and from a young age we are thought to adjust t o the society and live; well most of the people do it but then there are the rebels who do not go by the rules. Now in these rebels exist the solitude lovers.

So what does a solitude loving person do..??? Plot world domination, plan on how to rob a bank, plan on creating a weapon of mass destruction.. fuck no.. he just sits there reading a book writing a book or thinking on a topic and self debating on it.

Why does one do all this in solitude, well if i say lets talk bout the molecular structure of diamond am sure most of crowd would go WTF..!!! ok lets go for a simpler example suppose i say lets talk bout the universe lets have a deep thought provoking conversation most of the people would go bonkers and laugh so the solitude to think what ever one wants.

Solitude and loneliness are two different things confused to be same. Loneliness is something one would hate while solitude is something one loves. Solitude is similar to creating a parallel universe inside ones head to think to debate to invent.

Attaining solitude while in a crowd can be a uphill task reason being the people around you might be talking and may demand a response from you while you are deep in thought. But those who can master the art honestly you can reach new heights cause personally i tried to do it but was disturbed amidst thinking on something.

its okay to enjoy one’s own company cause it makes you aware of who one truly is, it helps you think on topic which others may find boring, it helps you increase your thirst for knowledge. Its a golden key to enlighten


cheers to life



Short posts

she asked him ” Why  do you still trust me ?”

He said “because it’s YOU ”

She said ” I love You “, as she was simultaneously plotted the plan to kill him and he said same here babe

There he stood all alone in a crowd of hundred

He was unknown amongst the known

He searched for answers which she dodged

still he tries to find the answer  which was her itself

Even now he is ready to do anything for the one who gave him

everything to hate her for

She cheated and he apologized for her cheating on him

He asked her to show her flaws and she said am loyal unto death as he broke up with someone else and proposed the new one


She asked him what his weakness  is, he said “just look at mirror infront of you” She smiled  and said “idiot its me is it..?” He answered “yes indeed you are”

She smiled and told him ” but am your angel”

he grinned and said “even the devil was once an angel”

She asked him to forget everything bout her and move on,

he replied saying i have survived so long only cause of your memories

She said it does not matter

He replied ” Exactly for you it does not matter, but for me it matters a lot”


The hunt for peace

I searched for peace in the heights of the mountain

In the dept of the ocean.

I ran to the coziness of my loneliness

Still couldn’t find peace.

Then i ran to the god who never existed to me.

I crossed the ocean, scavenged thru the forest.

I ran thru the desert and swam against the tides.

But still could  not find you, oh peace.

Then as i saw the sunset and the crowd go silent;

with the wind blowing calmly i realized

Peace is within me i just have to make my mind quite.

So i told my first hello ,to my inner self.

we laughed and had a talk.

Within me was a me who was peaceful.

He told me what are you upto

I said i am on a hunt for peace

He smiled and said peace my friend is you

just learn to stop hunting and start lookin..


I wanna quit

It’s been a while since I saw you

but you always gaze through the meadows of my mind.

And i stare at you from afar in my dream knowing that

no one can take you away from me there.

I try to sleep as much as possible so that i can see you

in my dreams, for you are still in my mind

You laugh like before you jump as like before

and sometimes if am lucky you still say

I love You like before.

Why o why do u still taunt me gal

am i so sinned that i am being laughed at even in dreams

You left me i do not blame you

i blame me for you are the perfect one and

i am the unfit one

Oh come on baby I and you both know

what i was and what i am now

You were the weed to my bong

you were the milk to my coffee

Every smile you smiled is etched in my head like a tattoo

every promise you made to me is keeping me alive

for i believe one day you will come back to fulfill those

oh i may be wrong for but what if i am right

oh dear i know no fancy words to sweep you off your feet

I have no shiny armor; for the one i have is damaged in the battle

I have no money which i once had for its all gone trying to be near you

All i have is my love for you, my loyalty and my promise

But yes at times i do feel like i wanna quit

but then i remember the good times i had with you and the promise

that i would never stop fighting to get you back no matter how tired i get

Life is putting me to the ultimate test

but baby you and your memories is the only thing pushing me

to fight back

Oh darling we saw the good and bad days of our life together

now that your good days are better off you left me

that’s ok for you deserve every happiness in the world

but what hurts me is you could have told me all that you needed was a

shoulder to lean on in the beginning itself and i would have not

been attached to you

Sometimes i ask don you have a heart then i realize

i must have changed it

I do not know my crime but i am paying the time

I wanna quit not cause you don deserve the fight

but its only cause i wanna quit…..