short post #10

The fine thin line was crossed and that was it, the point of no return, and there was paradise…. Not materialistic but realistic. She asked “who are you..?” and he replied “someone who knows himself” She was confused and he said “Now i know who you are..!!! wake up” The light scares me for i […]

Solitude in the crowd.

  The crowd always is a good place to get your thoughts to run wild cause every individual you see can ignite an thought to think on and provoke your inner demon /angel/philosopher. Solitude necessarily does not mean to be seluded from the crowd, we can be in solitude even in the crowd. Physically we […]

Short posts

she asked him ” Why  do you still trust me ?” He said “because it’s YOU ” She said ” I love You “, as she was simultaneously plotted the plan to kill him and he said same here babe There he stood all alone in a crowd of hundred He was unknown amongst the known […]