An illusion

Black The calm sunsets at the beach with handover the shoulder of the one who would walk shoulder to shoulder in all storms and pleasant day. The breeze makes her hair fly high and she smiles for a moment could not understand what was more beautiful her smile or the sunset. Time the culprit signals … Continue reading An illusion


In the dark nights…

It's in the darkness of the night, My demons come out to play. They sing a song of death Yet not kill , It's sings the story of the by gone days. It's makes me shed the tears Which I promised never to shed. It reminds me of the times we spent together And pushes … Continue reading In the dark nights…

The last poem I will write for you..! Probably

Oh beautiful ! You were the brightest star in the dark sky called life, Let me for once shed out the pain; fully I had been a fool to believe that forever meant an eternity. but same time i realized forever does exists but in pain. baby remember those escapades those mini trips out of … Continue reading The last poem I will write for you..! Probably