Daily Prompt – Betrayal

Betrayed betrayal, a single word one emotion and an immeasurable amount of agony and pain its can come from anyone from the excepted ones to the unexpected ones. from the kindest to the meanest. Since all are slaves of choices and situation. Whilst some create situation for betrayal few create choices to avoid it. Betrayal … Continue reading Daily Prompt – Betrayal


Tell me someday

As the darkness grows inside me, I search for the light that you once showed me, not cause I repent the dark but to search for you using the light. As my soul cries out loud inside in agony invisible to the outside world, I search for the light to search for you. As  sadness … Continue reading Tell me someday


Price -  A daily post challenge , For the sun set in sadness unable to meet the his love, rainbow. Since the rain decided they shall meet once a while. And price of it was just plain wait. Villain's are not born, they are the heavy price payers for being naive..... Darkness is the price society pays … Continue reading Price

A journey….

State of Mind - This week, let your inner world and the outside one converge in a photo. The challenge for this week being to converge two worlds into one seems a bit of a challenge as most of the time words, pictures are just a sneak peak into a emotion; for what we feel can only … Continue reading A journey….

This life, that’s all.

Karma Chameleon Today's prompt - Reincarnation: do you believe in it? Reincarnation, the concept of rebirth for paying the debt of sins of this life or as a reward for the good deeds on this life. Well that's the JD as far as i know. Whether i believe it well logically ,"Hell no..!!" why ..? well … Continue reading This life, that’s all.

The ….

  As the sun started setting in the back drop of the building, she gazed at the beauty of the moment and her mind calmed down. For the night was coming and she could finally walk around freely. She was a harmless being in the eyes of the many, but deep within her she knew … Continue reading The ….