and thats it…

It was meant to be

or was it intended to be

both lead to the same outcome

on a smaller scale.

memories were created

knowing that the

future was unknown.

It didnt hurt a bit

when reality bit in installments

But it hurt when the installments

added up to the larger picture

and created you and I

from us.

What once united us

made you and me today.

There is no tears in

the depth of regret.

There is no pain in

the well of depression.

There is just

a small


hope not for the new

beginning, but a hope

for a dark subtle

life away from all

and the world.

But everytime

I try to reach that paradise

which I call as such,

Is withheld by the thought of

the massacre it would

leave behind if i reach my destination.

there is no medicine to cure these

sleepless nights

There is no music to sooth

there is just

the thoughts, thoughts

which not all understand.

An all time working brain

to mum the heart.

Words metaphorically

trying to express the depth of thoughts

same time not to be understand by all

for that is meant to be; for that is truly intended to be…..

and that’s it.


Cheers to life






The princess who slayed the demon

There was darkness hiding within him

there was no heart but a fireball.

There was no mercy just rage n rage.

As he took off on the journey to

destroy that which and who destroyed every inch of

happiness and peace in him

he did not stop and in the journey

day by day he killed the kindness inside of him

his generosity died a painful death.

Until the day she came and called him


That word lit up a memory lamp

of thousand  flame.

For the first time after a long time

it hit him,it hit him hard and deep.

and the heart which he believed was dead

slowly started beating.

For such was the impact of her voice.

he had not seen her just her voice

and it made him slowly calm down.

For once the monster

who terrorized was terrorized.

his anger his rage was nothing infront of her.

And there he stood in dilemma of whether

to fall for the love which made him a moster

or accept the same love which calmed the monster

he had become

cheers to life



The darkness

WP_20150830_20_36_28_Pro[1]They all met regularly

to decide the important decisions of life.

Society termed them as evil, dark ,satanic.

But it never bothered them to an extent.

Their beauty was something dark

and only the misfits, the Gothic,

the poets saw the beauty behind the beast.

For what was a social outcast had

found sanctum under this place.

It was a insanely sane place to be.

There were no one who would judge

There were no one who would be afraid.

They all took shelter in this place

called the mind

of a smiling person.

And that’s where they were deemed as thoughts

and no one could see them, since the

smiling face would cover for them

as they debated on the hypocrisy of society

on the misdeeds of the misdemeanors.

It was subtly a place were good was being

turned into bad  slowly yet powerfully.

And he realized that sanity

of the mind depends on the depth of

the thoughts, so he gave

asylum to the darkness….which he was once afraid.





Cheers to life



Writing after a very long time, thanks to my friend Ambika for the cheers (




hop hope



There is hope they said,

But how do you explain

when you do not wanna


for hope is what bought

sadness and the bitterness.

Hope for the best,

all suggested

How do you explain them

that the hope for best

made him the worst.

They said have hope

don be bitter,

how do you explain

you have lost hope

for hope was the reason

for expectations

which lead to disappointment……


Cheers to life



The faking truth




There exists a closet where the darkest secrets

and the truest feelings hide.

It is locked and guarded by  guardians called

pain and anger.

There exists a fake persona

who smiles, who laughs

who gives an outward presentable


just to keep the guards: anger and pain

at bay and not create the chaos

on the outside.

The world may call it being fake

But in reality it is just

bearing owns weight

not passing it on to others.

For, it may be insignificant

to the world;

which may be the world to self.

The numbness inside the closet

hidden and drenched in control.

May it seem fake,

but for what it is worth,

let it remain as a fake smile

a fake happiness

a fake life….

For the world may be a chaos

if anger coupled with pain comes out of the closet …


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Cheers to life




A2Z-BADGE [2016]F

Even though the letter F is tempting me to say the word meaning coitus i refrain from doing so.

Frankness –

She said lets be frank with each other

he knew she would not able to bear his frankness

yet she insisted for hearing it

So she asked saying how where his yesterdays

he went silent for the darkness came infront of his eyes

so he said it was good.

Not satisfied with the answer

she tormented him

he could not take it any longer

his hand raised and landed on her cheeks

as tears shed from her eyes

she fumbled and said “i only asked you to be frank”

he replied i was being frank and slapped you.

When you could not handle so much

then you surely cannot bear the stories of my yesterday.

She heard the unheard cry within him

yet she could not silence it

for his inside was a hell

only he could control

And she understood that she tried to open the lock

and his control mechanism just kicked in and slapped her.

There is darkness in all of us

sometimes there is no hope for those dark chambers

its better to be lock them in the dungeons of the conscience

for the demons cannot be controlled if let out..


Cheers to life