and thats it…

It was meant to be or was it intended to be both lead to the same outcome on a smaller scale. memories were created knowing that the future was unknown. It didnt hurt a bit when reality bit in installments But it hurt when the installments added up to the larger picture and created you and I … Continue reading and thats it…


The princess who slayed the demon

There was darkness hiding within him there was no heart but a fireball. There was no mercy just rage n rage. As he took off on the journey to destroy that which and who destroyed every inch of happiness and peace in him he did not stop and in the journey day by day he killed … Continue reading The princess who slayed the demon

The darkness

They all met regularly to decide the important decisions of life. Society termed them as evil, dark ,satanic. But it never bothered them to an extent. Their beauty was something dark and only the misfits, the Gothic, the poets saw the beauty behind the beast. For what was a social outcast had found sanctum under … Continue reading The darkness

The faking truth

Fake Closet There exists a closet where the darkest secrets and the truest feelings hide. It is locked and guarded by  guardians called pain and anger. There exists a fake persona who smiles, who laughs who gives an outward presentable appearance just to keep the guards: anger and pain at bay and not create the … Continue reading The faking truth