As the sound of footsteps

were no longer heard,

the giggles vanished

the cute shouting

went numb.

The ride along the

road turned into

a lonely trip.

She was there same time not there.

She became Schrödinger’s cat

live example.

She took it all away

the smile, the happiness,

the very essence that

kept him alive.

She thought of it as a Yiddish

act what she did.

But she did not know

that, that was what

he liked it in her

cause she made him feel like

a kid without being ashamed of it.

She outgrew it while he was

dragged into that state of innocence.

Hands were clapped together to

every imaginary being

for mercy for a miracle.

The hands which never knelt before anyone

came down n fell onto her

feet. But

he was immature for her now…

He cried a river and oceans for her

but she had built a dam

to obstruct those from reaching her.

The soul which was once alive

died, it died a death that it

wished not even

worst of his enemies should get.

Silent cry for peace was witnessed by the 4 walls

and the darkness of his room.

Madness was the only way out.

From a one faced man,

he turned himself into a two-faced person.

A smiling Buddha in the morning

and a fire-breathing dragon at night.

Death was the only wish he wished upon

the shooting stars.

his heart ached for the pieces of memories,

the arms longed for that last hug

cheeks wished for that one small kiss

heart prayed for that warmth she bestowed upon him.

From a depend less

person he had become

a dependent of a soul who left him in

the pit of fire.

Pages of poems, heaps of unsaid words

in form of letters all just to himself

meant for her.

For fate, life, destiny all

played one of the most cruelest joke

from transforming a beast into a

human and later let him rot in

the agony of memories.

Heart was broken, mind was

shattered, soul damaged.

He lost himself, searching for her.

In the streets, in the buses in the trains,

in the garden, all but in vain

for it was all gone she

was in the arms of another man.

All he could do was ponder as to

what he did wrong,

what was it that he fell short of.

As he heard her name his eyes

would glow with a hope that she is


He would search the crowd with

a hope that she may be around

only to realize she is present in his

heart and soul.

Anger and sadness walked inside

while smile danced outside.

People disturbed his soul,

whilst solitude rejuvenated.

All that was left was memoirs of the

glory past where she walked beside him

now all that was left was a damaged armor

with a sword on his back

passing through the heart

as a mark of the LOVE that

once tamed the savage beast.

Words wanted to come out

but couldn’t speak out

for the senses also cheated .

Hope was lost, dreams were crushed.

Happiness was destroyed.

A mini-universe within

collapsed onto destruction.

All the alcohol in the world

all the smiles in the universe

could not relieve him

of the fire burning inside..

The flame burns till now

hoping for her return

destroying him inch by inch.

Somedays he wants to destroy

the world

somedays he just wants to see the world

burn down by itself.

Somedays he wants to hunt down the wolves

somedays he becomes the wolf.

Some days he is at a paradox with himself

and some days he is at peace.

And that my friend is the reality

the bruises that love leaves behind

when love leaves………

That is the state of the heartbroken

who fight the demons which they

help create…

pain is a daily

routine when one tries

to express in words they just go

numb…. for some pain

are felt and not expressed

for some emotions are cruel

beyond …






This life, that’s all.

Karma Chameleon

Today’s prompt – Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

Reincarnation, the concept of rebirth for paying the debt of sins of this life or as a reward for the good deeds on this life. Well that’s the JD as far as i know.

Whether i believe it well logically ,”Hell no..!!” why ..? well for starters no one has seen the afterlife nor has it been proved.

All i know is that this is the one life i have got and would want to spend it with doing what makes me happy and content. The afterlife or a rebirth is least of my concern.

Rather we all have this one life, this precious life with limited time here on earth ,we should be worried bout what we should be doing to make this place a better place for us and for our future generation than be worried bout a imaginary concept.

We have lot of problems to solve in this life itself than to worry bout the next.

We sometimes imagine too much and this reincarnation is one of them, it sounds good when writing some romantic novel or proposing but in reality its a bunch of BS.

I firmly believe that this is the only life for me and i am gonna make it the best of it, by trying to leave it in a better condition than when i came. The reward or punishment of next life shall not cloud my judgement ,this life is all i got to get it right to get the change to become the change, to be a part of evolution of life.

Lets  not be bothered bout a afterlife, let it not be your motivation to be good or bad.

Its one life, live it for make the best of it for it is existent as of now, make someone smile, wipe someones tear, help a random person, go to places, experience life.

In the end we all gonna die, so make the living part worth it.

Cheers to life.


Death, be gentle


Death, one thing very one is scared off and ultimately attain it whether they like it or not. But when it hits it leaves a trail of memories behind in few peoples life, death makes few people happy and a few sad. Based on their perception bout it. A very ill person in hospital expects death  to put an end to his agony will his loved ones expect a miracle and want him to recover.

I for one have always been amazed by death, i mean we all know its the finally gate which we all have to pass no matter how rich or poor, strong or weak one is, for it does not discriminate.  It is a salvation for few and a unwanted truth for few.

What amazes me is how it affects a few, all this i saw first hand when i lost my grandpa. Seeing my grandma who always was the most positive person in life turned into a bundle of negative thinker. And she still regrets the death of grandpa saying he left her alone in the big house all alone. I remember the silly fights they used to do and grandpa used to shout and grandma used to be quiet talking to me n i used to laugh and my grandma used to join me.. but since he left us i never seen her smile or laugh.

So is death, why cant you be gentle when you take away someone.

The other amazing thing bout it, the materialistic things which we leave behind. We struggle fight and accumulate things and finally when death calls we just leave it all behind either to be misused or to be wasted. So why fight over small things and accumulate something we cant take with us.

Death should be actually celebrated than be despised or be sad about; i mean come on its like the final test where all that we did in a lifetime is being judged and remembered, the moment of truth where we come to know what we really meant to people we may not be able to know it physical or in anyway cause i mean come on once we are dead, WE ARE DEAD. But our legacy  the we treated people the way we helped remains. Which as per me is the biggest asset and that have more value.

Life is a simple journey with difficult choices.

Death is the final stage of the journey where we get to say good bye….

Death should be celebrated for its the beginning of new things for people left behind associated with the dead, we can take it in a positive note as well as a negative again depending on one’s perception.

For me death is mixture of happiness and sadness, few truly miss the dead while a few are happy that a person is dead.

Death leaves behind a trail of sorrow and tears for those who truly cared and thats when we should say “death, be gentle..!!”

In memory of a very few closed ones who said their final goodbyes and let me in confusion and mixture of emotions.. both physically and mentally dead.


Cheers to life