As the sound of footsteps were no longer heard, the giggles vanished the cute shouting went numb. The ride along the road turned into a lonely trip. She was there same time not there. She became Schrödinger's cat live example. She took it all away the smile, the happiness, the very essence that kept him alive. She … Continue reading Footstep


This life, that’s all.

Karma Chameleon Today's prompt - Reincarnation: do you believe in it? Reincarnation, the concept of rebirth for paying the debt of sins of this life or as a reward for the good deeds on this life. Well that's the JD as far as i know. Whether i believe it well logically ,"Hell no..!!" why ..? well … Continue reading This life, that’s all.

Death, be gentle

Death, one thing very one is scared off and ultimately attain it whether they like it or not. But when it hits it leaves a trail of memories behind in few peoples life, death makes few people happy and a few sad. Based on their perception bout it. A very ill person in hospital expects … Continue reading Death, be gentle