As the sound of footsteps

were no longer heard,

the giggles vanished

the cute shouting

went numb.

The ride along the

road turned into

a lonely trip.

She was there same time not there.

She became Schrödinger’s cat

live example.

She took it all away

the smile, the happiness,

the very essence that

kept him alive.

She thought of it as a Yiddish

act what she did.

But she did not know

that, that was what

he liked it in her

cause she made him feel like

a kid without being ashamed of it.

She outgrew it while he was

dragged into that state of innocence.

Hands were clapped together to

every imaginary being

for mercy for a miracle.

The hands which never knelt before anyone

came down n fell onto her

feet. But

he was immature for her now…

He cried a river and oceans for her

but she had built a dam

to obstruct those from reaching her.

The soul which was once alive

died, it died a death that it

wished not even

worst of his enemies should get.

Silent cry for peace was witnessed by the 4 walls

and the darkness of his room.

Madness was the only way out.

From a one faced man,

he turned himself into a two-faced person.

A smiling Buddha in the morning

and a fire-breathing dragon at night.

Death was the only wish he wished upon

the shooting stars.

his heart ached for the pieces of memories,

the arms longed for that last hug

cheeks wished for that one small kiss

heart prayed for that warmth she bestowed upon him.

From a depend less

person he had become

a dependent of a soul who left him in

the pit of fire.

Pages of poems, heaps of unsaid words

in form of letters all just to himself

meant for her.

For fate, life, destiny all

played one of the most cruelest joke

from transforming a beast into a

human and later let him rot in

the agony of memories.

Heart was broken, mind was

shattered, soul damaged.

He lost himself, searching for her.

In the streets, in the buses in the trains,

in the garden, all but in vain

for it was all gone she

was in the arms of another man.

All he could do was ponder as to

what he did wrong,

what was it that he fell short of.

As he heard her name his eyes

would glow with a hope that she is


He would search the crowd with

a hope that she may be around

only to realize she is present in his

heart and soul.

Anger and sadness walked inside

while smile danced outside.

People disturbed his soul,

whilst solitude rejuvenated.

All that was left was memoirs of the

glory past where she walked beside him

now all that was left was a damaged armor

with a sword on his back

passing through the heart

as a mark of the LOVE that

once tamed the savage beast.

Words wanted to come out

but couldn’t speak out

for the senses also cheated .

Hope was lost, dreams were crushed.

Happiness was destroyed.

A mini-universe within

collapsed onto destruction.

All the alcohol in the world

all the smiles in the universe

could not relieve him

of the fire burning inside..

The flame burns till now

hoping for her return

destroying him inch by inch.

Somedays he wants to destroy

the world

somedays he just wants to see the world

burn down by itself.

Somedays he wants to hunt down the wolves

somedays he becomes the wolf.

Some days he is at a paradox with himself

and some days he is at peace.

And that my friend is the reality

the bruises that love leaves behind

when love leaves………

That is the state of the heartbroken

who fight the demons which they

help create…

pain is a daily

routine when one tries

to express in words they just go

numb…. for some pain

are felt and not expressed

for some emotions are cruel

beyond …







DA2Z-BADGE [2016]

Whoa.. D my favorite letter in the english alphabet..!!! So guess this may be a long post..

So D this is for you if you ever read it …

D stood for destiny as i saw you

dancing under the clear sky

as if no one watched

You were the destiny i never dreamed off

yet you became my dream

The things we did together

will remain drenched with pain

in my heart and soul

For destiny turned into death.

Only after you left did

i realize that there is death involved in destiny.

i begged you not to walk away D

But you walked, as you walked

you stepped on my heart and soul

like a piece of paper

Destined dream was shattered.

Fought as much as i could for you to stay

but destiny had played its game

and you had played your role.

As the years passed by

destiny still haunts me

you reside in my deepest fear

fear of seeing you hurt by the one you went behind

fear of you hurting me again over n over

destiny failed definitively for you were mine

for a while and i was yours and still am.

Oh D you unleashed the Pandora’s box inside me

as you quit on me on my weak days

Oh deadly destined dream why do i still

dream of you knowing you are my death angel,

is it love or is it just a destined destiny ….


cheers to life


Short Posts #9

Time is not still, its just the thought of time that is still.

The mistakes of the some, effects the credibility  of the few cause of the silence of the most of them. It is not  just the fault of the some it is also the incompetence of the most to stop the some from ruining it for the few.

Do not fear, fear. For when we fear, fear; we are enabling fear. And that is the ultimate downfall ,for fear is the mother of all failures.

Do not fear telling your greatness that you feel within, do not let others shun it down by telling its ego. For only you know how great you are not anyone else.

When someone says you cannot do something, etch it in your mind and heart not for revenge nor to be disheartened but to utilize it as a motivation to prove them wrong.

Darkness is not evil, it is a place to sit plan and execute your path towards the light.

Do not fear the fall, for that will either give you wings or ignite a passion to fly.

Be phenomenal, for everyone lives life but not all live it phenomenally. To be the extraordinary person we must do the ordinary things extraordinarily.

Pain should be the motivation not the depression . Make dreams a reality using everything against you to work for you, make pain the motivator, make losses the generator ,make insults your incentive to glorify victory.

Death is certain to all one day but till that day comes make a living which is worthy of living and a create a trailblazer which shall be there even after death.

Let past be the reference point to make things go right in the future. Take a risk take the courage to so the same that went went wrong again but with a goal to make it right.

Do not let the pain of the past alter the pleasures of the future.

Do not let anyone’s negative view of your goals and dreams to pull you down, use it as steps to reach your goals. Build yourself from the same crumbled pieces that you may be in.


Cheers to life




Short posts

she asked him ” Why  do you still trust me ?”

He said “because it’s YOU ”

She said ” I love You “, as she was simultaneously plotted the plan to kill him and he said same here babe

There he stood all alone in a crowd of hundred

He was unknown amongst the known

He searched for answers which she dodged

still he tries to find the answer  which was her itself

Even now he is ready to do anything for the one who gave him

everything to hate her for

She cheated and he apologized for her cheating on him

He asked her to show her flaws and she said am loyal unto death as he broke up with someone else and proposed the new one


She asked him what his weakness  is, he said “just look at mirror infront of you” She smiled  and said “idiot its me is it..?” He answered “yes indeed you are”

She smiled and told him ” but am your angel”

he grinned and said “even the devil was once an angel”

She asked him to forget everything bout her and move on,

he replied saying i have survived so long only cause of your memories

She said it does not matter

He replied ” Exactly for you it does not matter, but for me it matters a lot”



I wanna quit

It’s been a while since I saw you

but you always gaze through the meadows of my mind.

And i stare at you from afar in my dream knowing that

no one can take you away from me there.

I try to sleep as much as possible so that i can see you

in my dreams, for you are still in my mind

You laugh like before you jump as like before

and sometimes if am lucky you still say

I love You like before.

Why o why do u still taunt me gal

am i so sinned that i am being laughed at even in dreams

You left me i do not blame you

i blame me for you are the perfect one and

i am the unfit one

Oh come on baby I and you both know

what i was and what i am now

You were the weed to my bong

you were the milk to my coffee

Every smile you smiled is etched in my head like a tattoo

every promise you made to me is keeping me alive

for i believe one day you will come back to fulfill those

oh i may be wrong for but what if i am right

oh dear i know no fancy words to sweep you off your feet

I have no shiny armor; for the one i have is damaged in the battle

I have no money which i once had for its all gone trying to be near you

All i have is my love for you, my loyalty and my promise

But yes at times i do feel like i wanna quit

but then i remember the good times i had with you and the promise

that i would never stop fighting to get you back no matter how tired i get

Life is putting me to the ultimate test

but baby you and your memories is the only thing pushing me

to fight back

Oh darling we saw the good and bad days of our life together

now that your good days are better off you left me

that’s ok for you deserve every happiness in the world

but what hurts me is you could have told me all that you needed was a

shoulder to lean on in the beginning itself and i would have not

been attached to you

Sometimes i ask don you have a heart then i realize

i must have changed it

I do not know my crime but i am paying the time

I wanna quit not cause you don deserve the fight

but its only cause i wanna quit…..




Piece of mind…

As I drown my self in thought watching the night sky

I see the billions of stars and  stare which one is you

then I realize there are billions of stars but only one moon

and that can only be you

I say there is no god;

then i look within me and realize

he is there but it’s just in my head


I saw you once and fell for you ,for this lifetime


You won and I lost; You forgot and I still remember

You needed a push which i gave then you forgot to pull me up

and i forgot to get up..


We both made promises; we both kept it up even now

only difference is you are keeping it up with another person

whilst am still being loyal to you


Forgive me for I forgot to forget you .how you forgot me even after promising

me not to forget me ;guess you are forgetful as always and forgot that you told you wont forget..


The world praises for your maturity

whilst I still laugh at the time when you asked me “What is maturity?”


We all are poor in someway

Few by poverty, few by humanity


Cheers to life



We all have an Dr.House within us

“There’s no such thing as dying with dignity. Our bodies break down, sometimes when we’re ninety, sometimes before we’re even born, but it always happens and there’s never any dignity in it. I don’t care if you can walk, see, wipe your own ass, it’s always ugly. Always! You can live with dignity, you can’t die with it.”

Life is pain! I wake up every morning, I’m in pain! I go to work in pain! Do you know how many times I wanted to just give up?! How many times I thought about ending it?!

“Everybody lies”


Few of the many dialogues from House MD series, How a man in pain lives with it mocking the society and its hypocrite ideals same time save lives, His sarcastic come backs will numb any smart ass. So what is it that we can relate to him from our day to day life. Well we all have our pain which we hide in or the other form few of us smile few of us go rogue, few of us act heartless but in the end we all have it. So whats similar to Dr. House; well its the pain. Pain changes people pain makes people get unchained from the society for it is a very haunting experience. We all laugh at things which makes sense or no for we need that heartfelt happiness. What did Dr.House teach us..?? well sometimes even the strongest of people require companionship for in the end we all need someone to go back to no matter how self dependent we are. Dr.House showed us that even in pain we need to survive and by doing what we love the most we can cope up. Is it not same we keep ourself busy to make the pain go away.

He speaks fluently in sarcasm, well at a point we all learn to speak. He enjoys his life despite everything happening. The stupidity of people surprises him and he mocks them and they take it offensively, well am sure few of us can relate to it. And in the he tries to kill himself and later realizes that living is imp than dying which most of people can relate when they tried to die but then realized they can go ahead living and do something better.

Funny how a character in a sitcom can teach us things.  He did the right things even when everyone around him did not agree, he believed in himself rather than the world He broke down when what he loved with all of his pain went afar from him And somehow managed to change himself He tried to get away from the addiction of pain killer and was successful, teaching us that even when in pain we can find happiness without addiction

He showed us the reality of the current society how stupid people can be and when you try to show them they are stupid they go full retard, but if we do not give up they will finally realize it

He taught to fight through every situation and never to give up

He taught that even in loneliness and pain once can be happy by himself, he showed how attachment can hurt us at one point inl ife He showed that just because one acts strong does not mean he deserves the pain

So Dr. Gregory House, the man with a cane and pain showed that life is a bitch but we learn to play with her in the right manner once can come out form any situation. The sarcasm the I don care attitude, one man army kinda move helps you live with it

And we know that deep within us we have our very own Dr.House who lives

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Cheers to life