It shall all pass…

Sometimes I wish could freeze
time, so I could relive

the moment you lied to me

that you love me.

for the moment is still etched

in my heart and mind

replaying at the depths of my soul in the dark nights

and the brightest day, in the busiest instant of time

to the time I am free as a hawk in the sky.

Wishing and trying to figure out

what made you go rogue on our love

and kill it in the most gruesomest

way possible, damaging me to an extent

that even my best friend could repair,

nor could the hundreds of God could

give redemption from.

In the corners of the road, amongst the thousands

my eyes still searches for you in the real

world as well as the virtual world.

Hoping and dreaming just for a glance

of your beautiful smile

which once brought me to my knees.

Every day I decide to let go, but letting go itself lets go

of my decision.

You were always the damsel who made

me put on my best battle suit to fight on.

And till today I do fight, before it was to win you

now to let you go.

Your love was all that kept me humble and kind

and till date it sure does.

For whenever there is a happy moment it makes

Me doubt the instance .

You were the flower that bloomed

In my desert heart.

Unknowingly things went haywire

Paradise was just burnt to the ground

And u danced amidst the ashes.

The artistic approach to literature

Turned into a monologue of trying

To forget and forgive you.

For you see; words merely try to speak

Out my heart n soul.

You were the chaos I was once

Happy to be with now

All am left with is just the chaos

Which you left me with.

How do I tell that

You still cross my mind

That i still to long to hold your

Hands n walk through rest of

Our life.

You are there yet not there

So is the void that runs in my life

Without you.

May be one day you will come back

Or may be i shall forget you forever.

Either of which am unsure.

But maybe one day……..

It shall all pass.
Cheers to life



The walk

There is just silence in the lips

that you once touched

when it spoke of dying.

There is just a mess in the head

which was once filled thoughts of you and me.

The long walks are just no longer

reviving, the water touching the feet at the beach

no longer is funny.

You still reside inside me as a part of me

as a memory etched on the wall of

my soul.

there is darkness, there is a shield which blocks

all the light for you are the only

light my soul awaits for.

There is anger, which just built year on year

cause of your absence to cool  off

the fire inside me.

The body is alive but the soul is as dead as is

the heart which once was filled with joy.

There is no one to wipe those shiny droplets of

tears which fall off at the dark nights when

the silence just takes me back to

the land where we once walked majestically


Days are drama show, hiding the pain the anger,

night is the matinee show where there is just silence and tears.

I breathe not cause I want to its just cause I have to,

for maybe one day all this pain

shall reap its result, that is you.

I do not miss you,

For you are always there,

In the corners of my heart and soul.

You have touched the depths of my dark soul

you made me flourish as a warrior

You taught the best war lessons,

for I still, fight myself trying not to run

into the prison of agony where you let go of me

All this just comes to my mind as I take

The Walk….


the state of uncertainity

How it feels to be broken

is a question not

even the broken cant  explain

it is a state of uncertainty

where the perfect flowers

also seems mocking

It is a phase where even a

bright daylight seems to be

burning you

to ashes.

It is where even happiness

seems some sarcastic joke

by life

It is a phase where the

mind goes for a stroll

imagining the unimaginable.

It is a stage in life

where pain is just a word

cause the emotion is


but then it is just a phase

few pass it few hide it

few just stop it

by giving into it.

All in all

it is a lesson in life which everyone

learns in their life at a certain



Cheers to life


Staring into the Abyss

There was a part of life

where everything seemed

as a happy fairy tale

there was a pinch of sadness,

anger, love, care and everything


But along the way

the story got a twist,

the whole world

turned upside down

the once presumed miracle

turned out to be a curse.

The smile from the heart

turned into a masquerade

of happiness.

The cry for all of it to end

was in vain

for life had its own plan

not for the betterment

but for the torment.

Memories were not cherished

rather served as a needle

to poke the wound.

Positivism of life

suddenly turned into

an never ending black hole.

The paper also couldn’t

absorb the  enormous

load of pain.

Loads of paper, bottles of ink,

glasses of alcohol, river of tears

nothing could take away

what was snatched away

from life…

All that was left

was just stare into the

abyss awaiting for all of it

to end scared to jump

worried to stand

just stare into the abyss……


Cheers to life



Simplicity – Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.


She fed the hungry,

the arrogant, the crawlers

the talkers, the walkers.

She kept herself hungry so

that rest can eat.

Never uttered a word of self praise

nor was there an inch of self loathing as well.

She never said no to the requests

of the toddlers nor the talkers.

She would wear old clothes

so rest of them could wear new.

She would walk miles

so that the rest could spare the walk.

She would fast in the name of imaginary being

so that the IB would not be angry for deeds

of others.

She would lose sleep waiting for the sleepless

she helped the crawlers to walk and talk.

Even when the talkers began

to talk back to her

My dad calls her his wife

i call her a idol of simplicity

she is my mother.

she is the walking talking

god who is non imaginary….



Cheers to life


Motherly sacrifice.

Sacrifice –

as the sky shed tears,

and shouted thunder

seeing a heart

beating for

another even in worst of time.

A  heart which was

ready for any ultimate sacrifice.

And that heart belonged to a mother…


happy mothers day to all the mothers out there, you ladies remind us that some love are unconditional.


Cheers to life




DA2Z-BADGE [2016]

Whoa.. D my favorite letter in the english alphabet..!!! So guess this may be a long post..

So D this is for you if you ever read it …

D stood for destiny as i saw you

dancing under the clear sky

as if no one watched

You were the destiny i never dreamed off

yet you became my dream

The things we did together

will remain drenched with pain

in my heart and soul

For destiny turned into death.

Only after you left did

i realize that there is death involved in destiny.

i begged you not to walk away D

But you walked, as you walked

you stepped on my heart and soul

like a piece of paper

Destined dream was shattered.

Fought as much as i could for you to stay

but destiny had played its game

and you had played your role.

As the years passed by

destiny still haunts me

you reside in my deepest fear

fear of seeing you hurt by the one you went behind

fear of you hurting me again over n over

destiny failed definitively for you were mine

for a while and i was yours and still am.

Oh D you unleashed the Pandora’s box inside me

as you quit on me on my weak days

Oh deadly destined dream why do i still

dream of you knowing you are my death angel,

is it love or is it just a destined destiny ….


cheers to life