Short post #5 *contradicting ones

I searched for you for ages,

for when i found you, you had found yourself.

There was both happiness and sadness

happy for you found yourself

sad for being unable to be with you

I contradict myself sometimes to write the right

not to fool myself but to enlighten myself.


The past screwed the future of the present …

I saw your soul not your looks

i saw your pain not your smile

i saw your potential not your weakness.

I saw you not the old you.

Sometimes there comes a times when you really do mean “Oh my god”.

Fill my soul with eternal knowledge

n i shall fill your life with eternal bliss.

And sometimes you meet someone who makes you say “fuck logic”. Those are worth to being contradicting.

When everyone hated me, you saw why i hate everything and everyone.

You are not my 3 am thoughts nor my 6 pm drink;

you are my 24 hour motivation….

He said “show me your demons let me be your knight”

She replied ” I am the dark slayer”

They called him a drunkard , what they didnt knew was he drank to settle his demons within him

They called her a heartless being what they didnt knew was  she was ripped of her heart

They called them misfits; rarely do they know they make fools pack together.

God exists in our head.

the tragedy of good people is they are good in a hypocrite world….

You can make me break my promises, you can make me believe in things i do not wanna believe in, for you have touched my soul n i allowed you….

Some make you speak out your heart while some just make you go dumb,

keep the ones ones who make you go dumb for anyone can make your heart beat faster but only few can make your heart stop beating.

Cheers to life




A letter to distant future me….

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” – Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein who said E=MC^2; well the irony is as per the theory of relativity time showed slow down not gain speed with certain conditions….:D Well science aside; i always wondered if the future me will remember the past or the present me. I have a diary and blog as physical evidence so why not write a letter to me by myself. Just a thought though but let me give a try to it.

Hey there ah HK

Ah this is Hk from the past which currently the present…:D confusing i know.

So lets get down to business. Hope you have become that rich guy for which am busting my behind and takes freaking risks as if am  16yr old. Well i think we will make it there i trust you ;i mean me..oh this is so confusing .

So let me put it down in a simple poem sort of way.

Here i stand in confusion for a stable future.

Undergoing the bashing from life still standing tall not for today’s sake;

but for tomorrows sake.

The blood sweat and tears i shed now hope they harvested happiness

Not alone for me but for the ones who stood along side with me.

Hope the ghost of the past are dead and are not haunting you at nights;

for i am trying to exterminate those ghostly thoughts now itself.

Hope you have not fallen behind the walls of foolishness and accepted defeat.

Future me; hope you have not let me down for the struggles i am going thru now.

Hope the challenges are won and the ones who challenged have accepted defeat.

Hope you have given back to those who insulted you and laughed at your worst days.

Future me hope you have kicked some serious butt of those who put you down.

Hope you are still that old principle oriented man for which i am paying the price now.

Dear future hope you made it where i strive to be now.

I do not want to break you by the other topics of heart break.

Just be the man you always dreamt and fought to be

Hope, hope has not left you.

Cheers to life.