But you did not wait for me ….

Oh my prince i thou shall wait for you

No matter the pain ,no matter the wrath which society ,family and friends may shower  upon me.

For i know what you are, who you are.

I said not a word but believed what you had spoken above

But you did not wait for me..

I ravaged a fight against the world for i believed that you were waiting..

I ripped apart relations, friendship thinking that my princess is in weary hell awaiting my arrival.

I fought a battle which was not worthy of my ignorance….

Finally when i was going for the final blow to our oppressors

You told me i am barbarian of the dark ages

you saw me fighting alone for you yet you were mum

I was tired yet i fought ,i was alone still i kept on because i trusted you.

But you did not wait for me..

You called me a uncivilized peasant unworthy of a princess and

the moment the battle was bout to get over you joined hands with the ones whom i was fighting against.

You took the sword from my hand and stabbed right in my chest and you did not even wait for me to explain cause you had switched sides

I await even now but deep inside i know you did not wait for me……..:(


Saying a good bye….

Its not the good bye that hurts, but the flashback that torments the soul. True is it not….

Take a step back n think on it well its the hard core truth. A good bye is the hardest of all emotion.

But everything that kills you makes u fee more alive.Sometimes even when we don wanna say good bye the opposite person insists on it and they go on with there decision. But you still hold on to that person sayin may be one fine day ¬†that person will come back. But is it worth it…???

Well the answer is simple if you have the patience or thought that u can wait then yes definitely worth it irrespective of the result.

Cause anyone can say swim the ocean but it needs real strength to swim against the current. It needs a lot to bear every pain n tests which one will face while doing so. Cause sayin good bye to someone so important is not so easy as it sounds. You will realize it when you have given in your everything into that person. Let me make it simpler, forgetting someone completely is a hoax.

But why are goodbyes so painful stings, well i don know may be it is so because the time spent with that person is worth a lifetime. And those good memories no wants to lose n they want it to continue cause its worth it. IS it not funny that we cling to certain people….

Well this is for all those whom i miss and had to say goodbye even though i dint wanted too…

Cheers to life