hop hope

Hope   There is hope they said, But how do you explain when you do not wanna hope, for hope is what bought sadness and the bitterness. Hope for the best, all suggested How do you explain them that the hope for best made him the worst. They said have hope don be bitter, how … Continue reading hop hope


The fault in our past

Sink or Swim Somewhere i heard that life is a roller coaster, somewhere i read that life is a circus, met many people and everyone had there own metaphors about life. but one common staunch inference was life goes on; it goes on it will walk by death, it will fly over sadness,it will swim … Continue reading The fault in our past

Short posts #3

  Hope is for the weak , for hope leads to expectations in turn into disappointment, Instead have goals; for it will have plans and target set. Be loyal , but first be loyal to yourself, to your thoughts to your feelings to your real you; then everything shall fall in its place.   She … Continue reading Short posts #3

A letter to distant future me….

“I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” - Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein who said E=MC^2; well the irony is as per the theory of relativity time showed slow down not gain speed with certain conditions....:D Well science aside; i always wondered if the future me will remember the past or the present … Continue reading A letter to distant future me….