hop hope



There is hope they said,

But how do you explain

when you do not wanna


for hope is what bought

sadness and the bitterness.

Hope for the best,

all suggested

How do you explain them

that the hope for best

made him the worst.

They said have hope

don be bitter,

how do you explain

you have lost hope

for hope was the reason

for expectations

which lead to disappointment……


Cheers to life




The fault in our past

Sink or Swim


Somewhere i heard that life is a roller coaster, somewhere i read that life is a circus, met many people and everyone had there own metaphors about life. but one common staunch inference was life goes on; it goes on it will walk by death, it will fly over sadness,it will swim by problems.

I will not give an example right now for every situation is different and everyone’s perception is different so let me talk in general as of now.

Problems come,few we get by it with help of friends or alone, then there are some which no matter what, leaves a scar and becomes a part of our life. Few of the problems change us for ever and make us something we are not; we either get enlightened or get the mirage of enlightenment either ways we become different.

When ever problem hits a person there can be mainly 2 outcomes, either it breaks you or it makes you. But then there is a 3rd type which is subtle and are actually related to first 2 and that is first it breaks you and then arises a new you which the breaking made you become.

One shall start hating everything and everyone; nothing shall matter, anger shall be be filled in heart and literally the person will be a walking pressure cooker ready to burst out anytime..hahaha

But few find peace in those moments they start accepting everything equally, happiness sadness both mean same to them, with or without people it does not matter. Problems no matter big or small shall pass that is true what no tells is how it changes people. How problem can alter a person completely. You see problems does go away but the pain remains at times. And people actually think they can feel you , but honestly everyone sensitivity level is different.

Pain is good it helps one know one self yes it is good in away but also sometimes we all need to take risk and try if we find someone worth to be with, yes the past had taught a lesson not to trust yes the past had hurt yes the past had drove us to insanity. Yes the past was scary that it scares the day light of us when we feel happy. yes we do get scared which is subtly covered up in name of being emotionless, heartless XYZ reason. But deep down inside its just plain sacredness to see the light again.  But what we fail to see is what if this is an exception what if this happiness may stay for long, lets be honest life wont be happy all the times so its better to chose someone with whom its worth to spend your happiness as well as sadness. Cause  not all can be same we just have to adjust.

Now time for the example life sucked few times few times drove me crazy few times pushed to just end it all, then i realized i need to face all this fear i need to reinvent myself and as a result few of my earlier stance were contradicted when i taught bout it well i realized that i was actually contradicting the contradiction so in a way i was actually becoming my old self, What’s the risk involved one may ponder, well same as getting up early in the morning ..;) Sometimes we just have to risk it all give it all we got, For there is no guts and glory without a good fight. Life is a battle you either win or you learn fighting along. There is no defeat.

Everyone is broken everyone is hurt everyone has problem everyone has there own demons sometimes when another demon comes to say hello we do get scared but why not take a risk if in case you know the demons of other person. YE everyone gets scared and yes everyone gets bit paranoid when something good which once tuned bad is repeated in the initial stage but why think this also may turn into bad one. Take a risk use the lessons from the last battle and utilize for the best.

To put in simple words, life put me down just like all yes i did have to battle it out in many ways the outcome was also simple i become a different person, my level trust on others reduced my personal space became huge, my brain got more calculating when dealing with other people for i was scared to get hurt again yes scared. But it made me stronger, smarter, realistic and most of all gave me freedom from the bonds of things. However have something in mind about to take a hugeeee risk, do not know how it will go nor do i wanna over think on it. All i wanna say is just breathe………….Its okay to be scared  😉 sometimes we just have to look beyond the horizon.

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Small poem to end the post:-

I have seen the dark side

yes i know the depth n pain of it;

Yes i have battled the demons myself

truth be told your demons are calling my inner angels.

I am for a small fish in the huge ocean

but this fish knows how to swim with as well as against the current

PAst is something everyone has

on;y difference few of us do not care bout it

at a certain point in life

for someone shall come and give you a reason to smile all again

n for those moments when they come

we will know for it creats a havoc in the mid and heart

its a cocktail of happiness,hope,scaredness,anxiety

and most of all end of a story.

It will be biggest battle one will have to fight

to actually feel the goodness

may it be pinching one self or may be even

running away and thinkin about it

All in all sometimes

magic does exist, change also is good just sometimes…..:)

Sometimes you will find people

for whom its worth being contradictory.

For they made you change everything

bout you in life;

Luck hope destiny love god alone

here are my contradiction..;)

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Cheers to life


Short posts #3


Hope is for the weak , for hope leads to expectations in turn into disappointment, Instead have goals; for it will have plans and target set.

Be loyal , but first be loyal to yourself, to your thoughts to your feelings to your real you; then everything shall fall in its place.


She gave him hope, and later gave disappointment.

He played her; and she won the game.

He was loyal to himself to his thoughts to his principle to his feelings;

and so  it was easy for him to be loyal to her.

A blind man searched for the moonlight in a moonless sky for his eye may be blind; but his mind was open and that showed him the galaxies.

truth is like a bitter medicine, we like others to take it when they are sick;

but when we are sick we prefer the antibiotic called lie.

he was fighting his inner demons, then she came along and said let us fight together. He ended up fighting his as well as her demons as she left him with darkness and her demons.

He cried and the world laughed, she cried and the world consoled.

He told the truth ,no one believed; she told a lie and everyone were convinced.

HE said show me proof for your god, they showed a book.

They said prove us u r sane, he showed  his journal.

Both were right in there own way for perception was the culprit.

“Help me god” he shouted at the top of his voice crying out loud as he was dragged into a asylum.

“Help me god”, he shouted looking at the sky with a book in hand and the crowd prayed along with him.

One was termed crazy whilst the other a priest.

Money did not mean anything to her till she was ripped away of everything.

She lied saying she does not remember anything from her past with him.

He lied saying neither does he.

While ego laughed and told the truth saying It won and they both lost.

When she smiled he always smiled back cause it meant something to him.

Now she looks away when ever they see each other but he still smiles

for she still means everything to him.

“You are incapable of taking proper decision in life”, said the girl for whom he once decided to leave everything.

I will stop you for you are the running river and am just the fish in search of the ocean we need each other in a crazy way. That’s the truth.

Cheers to life


A letter to distant future me….

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.” – Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein who said E=MC^2; well the irony is as per the theory of relativity time showed slow down not gain speed with certain conditions….:D Well science aside; i always wondered if the future me will remember the past or the present me. I have a diary and blog as physical evidence so why not write a letter to me by myself. Just a thought though but let me give a try to it.

Hey there ah HK

Ah this is Hk from the past which currently the present…:D confusing i know.

So lets get down to business. Hope you have become that rich guy for which am busting my behind and takes freaking risks as if am  16yr old. Well i think we will make it there i trust you ;i mean me..oh this is so confusing .

So let me put it down in a simple poem sort of way.

Here i stand in confusion for a stable future.

Undergoing the bashing from life still standing tall not for today’s sake;

but for tomorrows sake.

The blood sweat and tears i shed now hope they harvested happiness

Not alone for me but for the ones who stood along side with me.

Hope the ghost of the past are dead and are not haunting you at nights;

for i am trying to exterminate those ghostly thoughts now itself.

Hope you have not fallen behind the walls of foolishness and accepted defeat.

Future me; hope you have not let me down for the struggles i am going thru now.

Hope the challenges are won and the ones who challenged have accepted defeat.

Hope you have given back to those who insulted you and laughed at your worst days.

Future me hope you have kicked some serious butt of those who put you down.

Hope you are still that old principle oriented man for which i am paying the price now.

Dear future hope you made it where i strive to be now.

I do not want to break you by the other topics of heart break.

Just be the man you always dreamt and fought to be

Hope, hope has not left you.

Cheers to life.