Silent nights…

Silence speaks a thousand words

A feeble voice inside the head always speaking

louder than the world;

yet no one else can hear it out-loud.

It speaks all the time without a stop

for the mind is always restless

no matter the calmness on the face.

Amidst all the chaos , a silent night comes once

a while where there is only silence.

The kind of silence which death is also

scared off; the kind of silence which

halts time and space.

The bliss which gives is both

scary as well as amazing,

for its in darkness in a world filled with “Light”

the craving for that lost hug, that lost kiss

also cannot match it.

For the silence awakens the sleeping soul

and shows the world as it is

The butterflies in the stomach

dies and shows their true face.

The purpose of life seems

clear, the words no longer

seem to intrigue the mind and heart

rather it craves for reality.

Anger does not burn you, rather it

fuels you to be better.

Sadness cannot hurt as it would

it only motivates to push oneself to

the limit.

You see the bright side of darkness which once

scared you.

That is the power of silent nights.

It awakens the one’s dead from the within.


Cheers to life






Short post 15

Redemption and suffering both is within us. It’s just upon the heart to let the mind chose


The truth sets you free, when the one who needs the truth accepts the truth

otherwise it shall only be a taunting little memory etched in the head.


There is no shame in accepting that one is flawed,

shame is when you know you are flawed and yet hide it behind

words and illusion.



only you can live your life not anyone else

so why stress about what others think for

you shall and will be your own guardian



Beyond the boundaries of societies beyond the realm of limitations

lies humanity sober, clean and guarded by conscience which is

pure as the smile of infant.



Amidst the darkness lies a calmness, a solitude , a calling

which only the broken can see and bear

for not all heroes are born to save the world wearing cape

some are heroes save the world just by taming the devil

inside of them, in the darkness


When u spot the smile in the ally of memories

when you see the tears in the corners of the mind palace

just remember that both happiness and sadness are illusions


One does not a god for saving, what one needs is confidence upon oneself

for victory favors the brave, and the brave have trust upon themselves

and not any invisible entity


Everyday can be a battle when you come back from a war,

for war exposes you to certain treacherous phases

that it can create havoc in the mind and can errupt

anytime, not all wars are fought between countries

few war are fought between reality and illusion




The Tantrum

Ignorance is a bliss for those;

who do not have to deal with the consequence .

For what can be the consequence for the ignorance ?

Is it downfall, is it a heartache or is it a forever etched in

the dusty chambers of the soul.

Or is it just a blissful state of mind where

the present is unaffected by the past.

Is it the confusion that circles around like

soul vultures in the darkness of the night.

can it be the conscience trying to show

a pit which is smaller yet showcasing it

as a deep hell hole.

It is different things to different people.

For some life is a camera so they keep smiling forever,

for few it is a battle field they fight with aggression.

It is all but a beautiful melodrama

consistent and evident wrapped gracefully

with one thing “perception”.









As the sound of footsteps

were no longer heard,

the giggles vanished

the cute shouting

went numb.

The ride along the

road turned into

a lonely trip.

She was there same time not there.

She became Schrödinger’s cat

live example.

She took it all away

the smile, the happiness,

the very essence that

kept him alive.

She thought of it as a Yiddish

act what she did.

But she did not know

that, that was what

he liked it in her

cause she made him feel like

a kid without being ashamed of it.

She outgrew it while he was

dragged into that state of innocence.

Hands were clapped together to

every imaginary being

for mercy for a miracle.

The hands which never knelt before anyone

came down n fell onto her

feet. But

he was immature for her now…

He cried a river and oceans for her

but she had built a dam

to obstruct those from reaching her.

The soul which was once alive

died, it died a death that it

wished not even

worst of his enemies should get.

Silent cry for peace was witnessed by the 4 walls

and the darkness of his room.

Madness was the only way out.

From a one faced man,

he turned himself into a two-faced person.

A smiling Buddha in the morning

and a fire-breathing dragon at night.

Death was the only wish he wished upon

the shooting stars.

his heart ached for the pieces of memories,

the arms longed for that last hug

cheeks wished for that one small kiss

heart prayed for that warmth she bestowed upon him.

From a depend less

person he had become

a dependent of a soul who left him in

the pit of fire.

Pages of poems, heaps of unsaid words

in form of letters all just to himself

meant for her.

For fate, life, destiny all

played one of the most cruelest joke

from transforming a beast into a

human and later let him rot in

the agony of memories.

Heart was broken, mind was

shattered, soul damaged.

He lost himself, searching for her.

In the streets, in the buses in the trains,

in the garden, all but in vain

for it was all gone she

was in the arms of another man.

All he could do was ponder as to

what he did wrong,

what was it that he fell short of.

As he heard her name his eyes

would glow with a hope that she is


He would search the crowd with

a hope that she may be around

only to realize she is present in his

heart and soul.

Anger and sadness walked inside

while smile danced outside.

People disturbed his soul,

whilst solitude rejuvenated.

All that was left was memoirs of the

glory past where she walked beside him

now all that was left was a damaged armor

with a sword on his back

passing through the heart

as a mark of the LOVE that

once tamed the savage beast.

Words wanted to come out

but couldn’t speak out

for the senses also cheated .

Hope was lost, dreams were crushed.

Happiness was destroyed.

A mini-universe within

collapsed onto destruction.

All the alcohol in the world

all the smiles in the universe

could not relieve him

of the fire burning inside..

The flame burns till now

hoping for her return

destroying him inch by inch.

Somedays he wants to destroy

the world

somedays he just wants to see the world

burn down by itself.

Somedays he wants to hunt down the wolves

somedays he becomes the wolf.

Some days he is at a paradox with himself

and some days he is at peace.

And that my friend is the reality

the bruises that love leaves behind

when love leaves………

That is the state of the heartbroken

who fight the demons which they

help create…

pain is a daily

routine when one tries

to express in words they just go

numb…. for some pain

are felt and not expressed

for some emotions are cruel

beyond …





Lets get complicated…

We all have day to day conversation such as ‘how are you’, ‘ how was your weekend’ so on and so forth. sometimes we answer whole heartedly and at times we just put up a fake smile and just answer some pleasing answer. Its a social etiquette which for some reason goes unquestioned unchanged.

Once a while yes it does feel good but most of the time it is really annoying, so why not start off a new system why not change the old system why not just talk what you wanna talk bout.

Change is tough but not impossible so why not talk bot things that really really matter and just get on with it.

Anyways today i wanna talk bout complicated conversations, say like talks bout the stars the universe bout life bout plans bout what motivates ones what demotivates. That would actually help us understand each other may it be your colleague or neighbors  OR FREAKING SOME STRANGERS.  Society has touch the connection of human interaction we need to talk and socialize and actually enjoy it rather than talking petty crap.

We all have our interests and most of all we know little nice we start having these kinda conversation we will get to learn something new everyday for the world of knowledge is vast.

So it will bring people closer same time make them aware of how much they really know.

Sounds crazy so what..? crazy is fun..:D so whay sit and do small talks.

Come on get up talk bout anything you love

let the world change step by step.

Cause we need to be humans not technology obsessed crazy people.

Lets talk complicated.


Cheers to life


Just one of those movies #1..


A new catalyst to my blog, a small review of movie which stands out of the ordinary. even though not a big time critic just would like to write few words bout few movies which has really stood out.

So the first movie  i am gonna talk bout today in the series to come is #Charlie, basically because 1) It was really good 2) It gave provoked me to start this series..:D so here we go,

Though am not a native Malayalam speaker i have managed to  learn the basic so when my friend suggested we watch this movie Charlie, being honest i was hesitant but still gave it a shot and it was worth the time as well as money well spent.

The movie is basically revolving around the nucleus called Charlie, and the orbiting electrons are the other character. Charlie is a free spirit kinda guy who does random acts of kindness and plays hide and seek with a girl who comes to know bout him in  a weird way when she rents out a place which was earlier used by charlie, so the story is basically bout Tessa(2nd main character) searching for charlie and in the process learning who charlie bit by bit from different characters. If i tell the whole story whats the fun. But i promise you it shall keep you glued to your seats. N relax there is english subtitles so we can  laugh at the jokes..

What i loved about the movie is the main character charlie, a free spirit helping with expecting nothing in return how he transforms other peoples life from hell to heaven(Pardon the usage of fairy tale concept of hell heaven). He does not stay put at one place keeps moving keeping people happy. He helps a 70 year old bachelor meet his long lost love, he stops a doctor from killing herself so and so forth. He makes Tessa so curious bout him that she travels around trying to find out bout him.


There is a subtle flow which shows that the hero i.e, charlie who does not use modern technology like phone computer etc and is still happy which shows that one can be happy without those things there is a tong for people using whatsapp also were one of charlie’s accomplice calls him an intellect for not using it. Secondly it shows that one act of kindness can change a lot for the person in need of kindness. There is no bigger than life prioritization anywhere  the story writer has made it simple day to day life kinda scenario.

The movie ends with charlie and Tessa finally meeting each other. What i loved most about this movie is it shows that how society needs kindness the most to heal the wounds laid by society itself and how one can survive with kindness, it shows that how love necessarily does not need to arise from getting on knees giving rose or fighting street gang. It shows how curiosity can lead to finding out more bout a person and how it can trigger love for  a person , it shows love is to be seen by action and not just showy vocabulary and BS promises. As per me the director must have had the concept of Perception in his mind cause till the interval the movie runs on perception of Tessa which makes her curious to find him which kinda makes her run to places. The movie was shot in India only unlike other Indian movies and i must say there are some breath taking locations in the movie probably Munnar if am not mistaken. It also talks bout freedom for women in a subtly way rather thought provoking way how Tessa despite the opposition of friends and family how she goes after what she desires and explores the world.

all together a good movie to watch definitely top notch, and if you are a more of a romantic, fight loving kinda movie lover then this movie is not your cup of tea. However i do suggest you watch it with an open mind, try to read the subtle message portrayed in the movie.

cheers to life


Fighting a lost cause…

My grandma always said be kind to the unkindest of people for you need not stoop down to their level of stupidity or immorality. I always followed the words she said mainly cause i knew she has seen life for more time than me. But then i just realised her thoughts are based on the society which she was born like almost 60 years ago and am in a society which has “developed” since then.
The behaviour or the actions of certain people i noticed really makes me lose my faith in humanity. The world which my grandma  picturised to me is entirely different. When i told her that it scares me i got the most surprising answer. For some reason she said to me saying the world will beat you down till you accept what they say, the moment you stand off and fight back you win.
It always bothered me the way the society is run by morons without humanity. Especially the god fearing; they commit all mistakes then they ask for forgiveness and apparently they are forgiven just by confession to there sins. I mean WTF really is this how humanity is suppose to sustain do mistake and ask for forgiveness.
God has become a silent imaginary person who is the forgiver of all sins if we accept it. So the moral compass of such people is an imaginary god. When the deeds are gone unpunished that’s when the society falls down to its worst. The free thinkers are punished for showing the facts and figures whilst the people of bullshit mountain are secured.
This every concept of forgiveness makes me feel sick to my stomach. The morality of people is declining at a rapid rate that may be in next few hundred years people would commit all wrong things and still be considered a saint.
How do we stop all this …? Well start question your conscience. ..!! start the change in oneself and automatically the world will change.
I thought of what the world made me become, then i realised it was not the world it was me who let it get under my skin and change my self.
The world is a battleground all may not fight with honor; that does not mean one who believes in it should not. DO not blame the society the people. people did not change you. You changed yourself
The world may beat you down get back up. Do not surrender .
Cheers to life.