You are your own destiny Maker – Mentor

Mentor In response to today's daily prompt. Want to participate? Publish a new post on your blog interpreting the theme. Create a pingback to this challenge   When You hit rock bottom Sit there for a while, evaluate the situation, build your comeback For sometimes we got to be our own hero and our own mentor as we become … Continue reading You are your own destiny Maker – Mentor


A mother and the world

She carried us for 9 months in her tummy protecting us from the all the badness of the world till we could see and hear. Then finally one day she lets us come out to the world bearing the pain shedding blood sweat and tears only so that we can see the world. She is … Continue reading A mother and the world

Short Post 14

In the sea of what if's and it could have been A wave washed ashore Thinking what if the vampire is not scared of the sun what if they hide away from the sun not cause of death is scary What if the sunlight would only judge them for staying alive. XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX   The untold … Continue reading Short Post 14

Short Post # 13

As the rain outside stops and the storm inside just starts; xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Happy with the illusion of happiness said the realist. Happy with the illusion said the illusionist. Happy with the idea of happiness, laughed happiness. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Anger wanted to burn everything down; heart just added fuel to it mind just kept quite Conscience just … Continue reading Short Post # 13

Its just you !!!

As the rain of pain, once flooded the field of happiness, the crop of peace was devastated. And the farmer couldn't think of harvesting the crop again, thus came along another farmer who had been thru similar. And as the winds of change slowly wooed the first farmer to plant seeds of happiness again in … Continue reading Its just you !!!

Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

Let the heart, ache into an unbearable pain. let the mind, break into a million pieces. For all the memories , for all the laughs let it haunt you to a sleepless day and night. For once you have felt all the pain shed all the tears that flowed like a river. let the walls … Continue reading Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

Ye olde Heart…

As the moon rises in the dark sky so does the tide of emotions which starts hitting the shores of the heart corroding the stones that guard the brain from these emotional turmoil. The strong cringe to the pain of sorrow begins. The smiling face suddenly puts on a battle gear for a battle worst … Continue reading Ye olde Heart…