A small wish

Let me miss you without hating you let me love you without getting addicted to you, let me live without dying for you. oh darling, let us not get off this fairy tale we weaved together let us not accept the reality let us build our self a parallel universe. A universe where everything is … Continue reading A small wish


Come find me

Inside the head runs a river of thoughts and feelings for you which is blocked by a dam called "your happiness" There is a reservoir of memories of the days we spent together the purpose of life seems all lost, not for the world does not make sense no longer but for, You were the ocean and … Continue reading Come find me

Break the silence

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Break the Silence." "Stay calm", i told myself as every atom in my body wanted to scream out in anger and just get the anger out. It was in the afternoon i just woke from sleep due to to a dream. It was just 2-3 hrs that … Continue reading Break the silence

The Lonely roads

There was a time, when every road was scouted and traveled even the once less traveled. No matter the distance, the conditions it was a jolly good time. Then things turned out to different in matter of time. The roads which was once cherished has become a reason of torture and nightmares. In a twist … Continue reading The Lonely roads