Staring into the Abyss

There was a part of life where everything seemed as a happy fairy tale there was a pinch of sadness, anger, love, care and everything nice. But along the way the story got a twist, the whole world turned upside down the once presumed miracle turned out to be a curse. The smile from the … Continue reading Staring into the Abyss


Its just you !!!

As the rain of pain, once flooded the field of happiness, the crop of peace was devastated. And the farmer couldn't think of harvesting the crop again, thus came along another farmer who had been thru similar. And as the winds of change slowly wooed the first farmer to plant seeds of happiness again in … Continue reading Its just you !!!


Price -  A daily post challenge , For the sun set in sadness unable to meet the his love, rainbow. Since the rain decided they shall meet once a while. And price of it was just plain wait. Villain's are not born, they are the heavy price payers for being naive..... Darkness is the price society pays … Continue reading Price