Daily Prompt – Betrayal

Betrayed betrayal, a single word one emotion and an immeasurable amount of agony and pain its can come from anyone from the excepted ones to the unexpected ones. from the kindest to the meanest. Since all are slaves of choices and situation. Whilst some create situation for betrayal few create choices to avoid it. Betrayal … Continue reading Daily Prompt – Betrayal


An illusion

Black The calm sunsets at the beach with handover the shoulder of the one who would walk shoulder to shoulder in all storms and pleasant day. The breeze makes her hair fly high and she smiles for a moment could not understand what was more beautiful her smile or the sunset. Time the culprit signals … Continue reading An illusion

Dancing with darkness

As the stage was set with a million light and one spot light the heart started its walk towards the locked doors of the past and knocks; the mind begs for mercy not to open the door, the soul laughs at both. In the end the heart won and the door opens the walk turns into … Continue reading Dancing with darkness

and thats it…

It was meant to be or was it intended to be both lead to the same outcome on a smaller scale. memories were created knowing that the future was unknown. It didnt hurt a bit when reality bit in installments But it hurt when the installments added up to the larger picture and created you and I … Continue reading and thats it…

Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

Let the heart, ache into an unbearable pain. let the mind, break into a million pieces. For all the memories , for all the laughs let it haunt you to a sleepless day and night. For once you have felt all the pain shed all the tears that flowed like a river. let the walls … Continue reading Let the heart, ache and the mind ,break.

Empire of anger

The kingdom of happiness was destroyed by betrayal, the guardian of peace was left hammered and squandered. All was felt lost, a river of tears flowed like a flood. amidst all the chaos an empire was slowly being built; anger was the general, rage were the soldiers tears were the fuel for energy. Distances were covered, … Continue reading Empire of anger